Wednesday, July 25, 2012

21 must watch blogging tips

here comes the top tips for every blogger to get most of his blog in short span of time and spread over the internet like a boom .
so go ahead ,read,implement and see yourself growing:):)

1.write quality content :the internet seems to be growing everyday,only the one who survives is the one who write quality need to be creative and original while writing for your blog.this will attract more traffic from web to your blog.

2.divide and conquer :dont try to do everything at the same time of the day ,you will definaletly get short of ideas,devide your blogging to 2 parts and do them at differnt time of day ,this will help you to get in more creative ideas into your blog articles.

3.segregate the topics:Instead of creating a great site that contains all the sections, try creating different domains for each section, which monitors more successful and potentially up to gain strength and can assist the other sections. It’s a vicious circle that eventually you will grow exponentially if you do well.

4.manage your time: while writing your blog,you must assign the time to youurself before starting and complete the adequate number of posts in that time,this will help you to get away with the frustation that you could face if you give moore time to it in the day ,cutting your time from other activities.remember time management is most important aspect of ones life to get success.

5.use tags:you must use tags in your evry post to get more traffic from serach engines.

6.customize your blog templete: make sure that your template is attractive and easy to navigate through the different pages of your site.

7.use Google Analytics : try to use services like this and page ranker to see your growth and your lacking areas,it will help you a lot to manage your blog.

8.use rss reader : use the rss reader to widen your reach to more consistent audience to your site.

9.use social media : use the sites like facebook ,twitter,stumble upon to get more publicity and traffic.

10.use pictures whenever possible: it helps the search engine to easily index your site to its top pages,you will get your page indexed in various search engines just after you post.

11.always give your opinion :while writting your posy ,you jus give your personal opinion and experiance obout that topic,it helps you to connect with the person and ,he will then visit your site regularly.

12.put functional links on your footer:put links of your other posts in the footer of the post to get more page views,resulting in more traffic and better page rank.

13.create top 10 lists: create top 10 list to get the visitor stick to your blog for authentic info.

14.have some spare posts for emergencies : always keep some post to update to your site when you are busy in your schedule and are not getting time to write , this will help you to stay updated and connected with your users.

15.encourage readers to subscribe: give a subscribe form on the side bar and at the end of every post to ask user to subscribe,this will give a regular viewership for your blog.

16.write “How to” articles : these articles are very famous,write articles with how to headings to attract the more views.

17.use sense of humor : while writing for your blog use a crisp and gentle sense of humor to connect to your readers .

18.list your blog on directories :summit your site to directories to get more traffic from across the globe patient : after you have written be patient to get the traffic ,let your page get popularity and get indexed in the search engine ,then it get more traffic.

20. write sponsered reviews: you can write sponsered reviews to increase your traffic and get some money .

21 .experiment with Text-Link-Ads : use text link ads to your site to earn some extra income,when you will get huge traffic your income will consist ably increase to a sudden handsome can use info-links etc

 share this list with your friends to help them manage their site and get heavy traffic .

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