Wednesday, July 25, 2012

earning in 6 figures via adsense

hi friends ,i know you are curious to know how to earn lot of money from your website , youtube videos and blogs just by using google adsense as your advertising tool.

now days ad-sense is being preferred through out the world for earning money via websites,and it seems some people are earning in lacks from this very tool ,so why cant you.

are you lacking something in your approach to earn that much amount,or you are not serious about the website money. whatsoever may the case be,i will guide you and assist you on the ways to boast your income manifolds from ad-sense ,only in few weeks and you  will surprised to see the results.

first you need to see is your title must be catchy enough to trigger the persons nerve to click over it at the first instant when he see it.
if its not the case ,then you must think of a eye catch title for each of your post before posting it website.
doing this will increase your traffic rate and page rank ,thus increasing your cpm of the advertisements on your blog,which would in-turn will increase your earning average manifolds in few days.
use 2-3 words in title ,as they get easily indexed and attracts more users while surfing the net for quality content.

after that you must see that your add is placed at right place on your blog.
these days most prefereable to earn handsome cash is to place the ads above the fold,ie on the upper part of blog,doing this will help you to get incresed ctr ,as the person thinks to click on it before reading the post.this increases your daily earning ,giving a greater profit at the end of month.
use a 256-256 banner on side bar and a 729 -60 banner below the navigation bar .

next thing you need to see is ,is your blog using all possible seo tips and tricks to optimize it for best performance ,if not read my these posts :"21 must watch blogging tips" & "51 effective seo tips" and implement all these techqniques to get in the regular quality traffic for your blog giving your revenue a  overall boast .

  as you can now see that social media is becoming very viral on the internet ,so you should also take advantage of this social media in spreading your blog for its is very effective way to get tonnes of traffic has helped me a lot in getting traffic and incresing the earning ,you could also be benifitted by this.popular medai at present are facebook,twitter,myspace,stumble upon etc.

lastly content is the king .you need to write quality and consistent content , make interesting videos regularly for incresing your site ctr and traffic.
this is the factor by which sites like masahble .com etc are earning in millions from blog.they write regulary article on daily basis to get updates on all the happeninh issues. you could too cover the latest issuse to get traffic.

after implementing these tips you must be patient for some time to let the mighty powers of universe work for your good and bring the traffic from acrose the world to give a boast to your monthly revenues.

i guarantee you ,if you without compromising any of these tips apply them to your blog,you will definitely see a boast in your income.
mark my words your income will become almost double in 2 months.

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