Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BMW C Evolution electric scooter

finally the time has come when  BMW has launched its high tech green bike that runs on electricity to change the world with the upcoming technology.

The C Evolution seems to be the third generation of an electric scooter that BMW has previously shown in concept form. This two-wheeler uses an electric motor and an 8 kilowatt battery pack to drive the rear wheel. BMW says that it can go 62 miles on a full charge. Although a large battery back, it does not use liquid cooling. Instead, its casing channels air through the individual cells. As the batteries produce more heat under load, the C Evolution should be going faster as the batteries hit higher temperatures, improving the air flow.

the scooter offers a top speed of 75 also features the anti lock breaks technology to make the scooter more security proof.its single swing arm supports the rear drive wheel, which is turned by a shaft below the scooter offering the driving a beter turn angles. LED lights equppied in the fronts and back of scooter decreases the load on the battery, and the rider gets speed and battery status from an LCD on the dash boad of the scooter in the front of his eyes for a convienent ride. 
the e scooter from bmw will come in for consumers in mid 2014 ,so get your hands packed with the money to buy one and save the alling earth and saving resources by going green which will give you some extra bucks to have a ice cream treat with your kids instead of spending them on the fuel.

green tech will surely change the future propects of living,so must opt for it to change the living propectives of ones life.

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