Wednesday, August 1, 2012

solar power air conditioner

Here comes the first solar power air conditioner by a world giant china.with the need of air conditioners incresing in the current era of modernities the resources are aos depliting and the running cost of these air conditioners is making a hole in the pockets of the people taking away their hard earned money .In the summer the heat reaches such high temperatures that, a home without air conditioning can literally kill people.

This green machine is made by a company called Vicot.


so to rescue this situation china has come up with a new technology to save the energy and peoples money by using the solar energy to get the ac's working to cool the people and get them relaxed at a low cost.

The ac machine claims that it has  85% thermal cooling conversion efficiency and it can utilize solar energy at 27 times what a typical water-heating unit is able to do. The system allows for 24/7 cooling, heating, and a supply of hot water with natural gas used to supplement when needed. The company claims that in 3.5-5 years, the initial investment for the system can be recovered and in 6.7 years, the entire investment in the system can be recovered. but the downside of the machine is that the cooling system appears to be too large for most residential home and price is still yet to be revelead.

keep your fingers crossed to get it at a cheap price and install it anywhere in your ,if you have the space to save on your electricity bills .

go green to enjoy and replenish the natures resources for your benefits.

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