Saturday, October 5, 2013

how to make big income from youtube from home

YouTube  have been a solid source of income for many people since long time giving them enough money to to live Their lively hood, run the organization and much more and that it just by sitting at home with a great DLSR camera and making some awesome and knowledgeable videos.
You could also make money from YouTube only if you have a video shooting passion within you.
It's easy to get started with YouTube, below are the steps to get started with YouTube

1.Open a Gmail account it with YouTube
3.customize your YouTube channel
4.upload your videos
5. Apply for partners status for some extra privileges from YouTube
6. Regularly upload some good videos to your channel
And then you are done with YouTube
Now you need to wait till your videos get some handsome amount of view count and good number of subscribers, for getting started earning 20000 views and 20-50 subscribers would be OK for starting.
After that you need to associate your your youtube account to Google adsense account to earn money from your videos ,if you have one, its good enough, you can go to settings and associate your YouTube account to adsense.
If you don't have a adsense account, don't worry you can apply for one with your YouTube channel.
For applying go to YouTube monetization settings and apply from Thier for a adsense account (give some personal details and you are done) .
After that wait for for approval, it generally takes 2 days. T o get approved, once approved get your videos for ads enabled from YouTube setting and your earnings will start accumulating, you can see them in YouTube analytic area.
Once your earning reaches 100 $ you can withdraw from adsense to the money.

Note : if inspite of large number of views,diabled monetization or any reason you are not able to monetize your videos then we have an alternative here,
you can link your youtube channel to adrev with this link
this is a authentic and verified network which shows premium adsense ads on your videos ,so you get higher ecpm as compared to normal ads and higher revenue .
join with the above link to get started fast .
if you are earning with adsense and are verified partner then also you can join for higher ecpm and higher revenue.

This was how to get started with earning from YouTube

Now we shall discuss how to earn big from YouTube

have you ever wondered about those people who earn hefty paychecks from YouTube and spend them in luxury paradise and royal hotels ,and that too by just making some crazy,funny ,crap ,comedy ,knowledge or any other stuff that goes viral in the form of videos to the millions of pastime surfers or knowledge seekers .

so come on ,let me give you some effective yet simple steps to get inspired from others i.e top 10 youtube earners to make millions like them.

1.first thing is to make a awesome genuine,interesting and crazy videos for your users ,it will make them regular visitor to your channel and videos ,thus helping you to earn more revenue from your YouTube. you need to take care of giving a good and catchy title to your video to attract more viewers,it generally happens that people click to your video when they find a relevant title to what they are searching ,so try to give a relevant and catchy title .

3. after you have uploaded your video don't forget to share your video on social networking sites like fb,myspace etc for your friends to view it,it gives your videos instant view boast in starting to make it popular.

4. while uploading your video give a catchy and relevant description to your your video ,it helps you to get your videos features on search engines making it widely available .
you can also give links to your other videos and your websites to make it popular.  also need to focus on getting more subscribers ,because more the number of subscribers more will be the view count each day,thus increasing your daily adsense earnings. the subscribers will get your video directly when you publish .so they will on ease to view your videos regularly .

6. focus on a catchy thumb image,if the video provides a relevant and crazy image then its fine. if you are not satisfied by the image just go to setting and change the image thumb this will increase your views 10 times . thanks to youtube for custom thumbnail option.

7. you can also give links to your other videos on your videos by using in video options like annotations etc,it helps to instantly get more views ,as users clicks for next video from your also prevents the users to go to any other video and navigate to your videos only .

so the verdict is just follow the steps and guidelines given above and earn in millions.
just in few weeks after following these steps you will be able to see your daily youtube income increasing rapidly.

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