Saturday, October 5, 2013

what to keep in mind while giving a title to blog posts

Have you ever wondered why some sites gets lot of traffic, yes of course you would have thought of why they are getting lot of traffic and must have tried to come with some unhelpful stuff that wouldn't have really helped you boast your website traffic.

And here is the answer to get large traffic...

!!!Your blog post title!!!

It's the first thing the viewer gets attracted too, and gets tempted to click your link.The fact is that he may not be knowing what is stored in the article but he gets mesmerized to click on it to see whats the treasure stored under it.
1. So to drive more instant traffic your title should be more attractive, genuine and ofcourse search engine friendly.

2. Try to figure out those titles which people are really searching and trending titles i.e search engine friendly title and then give a catchy and related title to your post keeping the content in mind.

3. People usually search their problems, what they want, how to etc generally in question form, so you can give choose to give your title in a question form also as it will attract more traffic.

4. Go for long tail titles ,they are generally more in demand and have a higher CPC rate in various ad networks. It will help you to earn more money from your blog / website.

You can use various softwares like SEMRUSH / keyword blaze etc to find out high paying and trending titles / keywords.
You can also use another awesome keywords software called hittail,what it does is finds your current blog traffic and then suggest you with new and good long tail keywords to improve your blogs traffic and relevance on the web.

so the verdict is try to get the title which appeals the people and in turn they will help you grab some cool hefty paychecks from your site which will appeal you .

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