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top 18 killer and genuine ways to earn online

here comes the top 18 killer and genuine ways to evade your curiosity of earning online and help you really earn online handsomely ,so that you could take big dollar bills from your very own internet.

so come on guys without a do, lets catch them right after the break to stuff your pocket with big dollar bills in large numbers and that too at your own comfort .....

1. Become a freelancer
who ever you are and whatsoever work you do and if you want to earn online  you can get work according to your requirement from clients across the world and they also pay you handsomely for your work.their are  various sites from where you can work as a freelancer like edesk ,freelancer.com , elance etc. so go ahead ,find some work and start working to get some big dollar bills right in your pocket.

2. Become writer and sell articles
If you are creative in writing ,then you can write articles on variety of topics of your interest to earn some extra bucks, their are various sites which offers money for writing articles like about.com and also iwriter.com etc. here you can go And write articles for different people and ask for the required money for your article from them.

3. Blogging
Now days blogging has become one of the trending way to earn online money,you can start writing on your blog and once it's become popular i.e traffic starts flowing in in then you can earn handsomely from your blog in the form of ad money, reviewing products, doing affiliate marketing on your blog and much more.

4. Advertising On your assets
Now days people are earning lot of money just by placing ads on their blogs,websites and mobile apps,web applications Internet videos and much more,so if you own any of the above asset online you can go for different programs and websites for putting ads on it and earning online. like for videos go to youtube.com and earn by placing ads on your videos for further reference read this article for earning  via youtube (http://www.optimisedtech.com/2013/10/how-to-make-big-income-from-youtube.html), if your are a mobile app developer place some ads by integrating different campanies ads like inneractive,admob etc in your apps to earn handsome ad revenue.for websites adsense,edomz,buysellads etc are famous ones.

5. Transcription JOBS
now days transcription has become big arena for earning decent income online.but this could happen only if you know ant 2 languages ,then you could get an opportunity from sites like Book Worm Translations, Translation Directory, Lion Bridge,  Translators Base to earn genuinely good money. its for sure you could get some work in your native language on these sites.

6. Building Applications
if you have a good knowledge of programming languages like java ,c++ etc then you can develop applications for different mobile devices laptops etc at your home and summit them to respective company app stores to earn in app advertisements revenue,paid apps (you get paid for every download),freemium model i.e in app purchases of different features.
if you are a software engineering ,then this will definitely lure to your conscious as a part time occupation to earn a handsome side income.

7. Making videos

If you have a creative talent, something to share with the world or anything that can go viral on the Internet then don't stop, just grab your dlsr or any other camera and shoot it,as it might give you big dollar bills right in your pocket.sites like youtube etc offer money  to you for placing ads on your videos . for further reference read this article for earning via youtube(http://www.optimisedtech.com/2013/10/how-to-make-big-income-from-youtube.html).

8. Selling photos
if you are a avid photographer/professional photographer or loves to takes photos wherever you go then this could be for you ,you could earn money by selling your photos on internet to different people via sites like istockphotos.com etc , in this you fix the price and any person who downloads you photo then you get paid i.e pay per download model of revenue .you could search more sites for selling photos and earn money accordingly

9. Stock/forex trading
you can do forex trading on various online trading sites for earning sock income i.e real hard cash in short time .only go for this option if can invest some money initially to get started and can bear the risk of losing your money.your earning on various days will be indefinably variable as per your stock trading prices.

10. web designing
you could earn money by my making website templates in web languages(html,java,css etc) you know and the selling it to people as a premium and good looking template.your template should have a great website design according to customers need.now days word-press and bloggers templates are sold most .so you could make and sell them.

you could make complete websites according to customers requirement and charge him the money you want.
their are lot of other jobs that comes under web designing which you could do at home on your computer with internet to earn handsome income...handsome income and that's what i mean it:)

11.Buying/Selling domains
You can also buy some unique domain names and sell them at premium prices of your choices, this could fetch you a really handsome amount of money depending upon the simplicity and attractiveness of the domain name.
For buying domain name you could go to any site like big rock, host Gator etc and for selling it premium prices you can visit sites like flippa.com,afternic.com ,sedo.com etc and park your domain their to get it sold. 

12.filing survey
now days filling survey is a part time occupation online to earn some amount of money for your small expenses as it would give you your pocket money for month. their are lot of sites offering this service on internet, go ahead ,fill surveys and earn some hard cash for yourself.

13. uploading files
if you have some content like software's,videos or anything you would like to share with people then you could go to different uploading sites that pays fper 1000 downloads of your files.you could earn a decent earning if you have large people who will download you file,you could share your file on various forums etc to get it popular and downloaded to earn money via your files.

14. cost per action

now days its getting very popular,you must have seen some websites asking you to fill some survey,add your email to their list,like the facebook page,shorten the url's or do something very common for which you would earn your pocket money but mind it using this method you will never become the next bill gates ....lolz

15. selling your own products
the best and most renowned way to earn online is to open an eCommerce website and start selling your own brand products or different brand products to earn handsomely.you could also sell products on your blogs but that will not be professionally so if you want to earn more go for  making an eCommerce website like ebay,flipkart,amazon etc.

16. selling ebooks
if you are a creative writer or you have indepth knowledge about something that you want to share with world then you can go ahead writing an ebook and selling it at some price point ,if your book becomes famous you could earn some handsome amount of money.for selling your ebook you could go to smashwords.com its the best free site for ebook publishing and synchronizes your book to all major ebook retailers and all platforms like android,ios ,sony store etc ,so you don't need to go to each ebook retailer separately if you publish via their site.

17. webnair/online tutions
if you know some particular subject or possesses knowledge about anything which other do not know then you could take online tutions ,hold webnairs to interact with  people and charge then to join and teach in tution/webnair.

accordingly,you could even sell your notes on particular topic to people who are willing to buy by offering some money,you can lure them for your content by showing them some sample.for online tutions there are large number of sites like http://www.etuitions.org/ etc to go register as faculty and start your teaching ,you will be paid on per hour basis .

18. Affiliate marketing
if you want to sell other people products and earn a commission on the each item sold then this could be meant for you ,the above model explains the brief of affiliate marketing. actually you tend to prompt other people products on your assets like websites,blogs ,your user base of emails etc ,then if anyone buys from that link ,you gets your share of commission from the seller as the product was sold from your link.amazon associates,ebay partners click2sell are some of the reputed sites to offers this kind of income source for you.
it could better work for you if you own a website where you can promote the products or large user base over email etc to whom you could send mails promoting the stuff to get handsomely paid.

here comes your bonus for reading this article ..

19. golden yet funny way : get free stuff

if you are not willing to do anything online still want to earn something, their is a way to get some cool things as a demo products /samples simply for your precious review of the products .
you could get a product ranging from a cold cream sample,books to high end gadgets .if this option suites you go to amazon vine program for getting sample/demo products for your reviews ,and ofcourse you could go and search google for various free sample sites to get free stuff.
yes this works ,its not a joke ,i have also got samples of various products and daily use items.

hello friends how are you feeling now,excited to get started with online income to get big bugs right in your pocket:) i know that ,but before starting its my advice do not take decisions in hurry .do anything that appeals to your conscious and you are comfortable with it ,then only you would be able to give your full efforts for that work and earn some handsome money from the time you spend online for that work.

Mark my words to get success in earning online income you must make strategies on how to work before you get started and you must follow 3R's of hard-work i.e rigorous,regular and rewarding hard-work always pays off and you will see minting yourself some handsome money in very short time.

feeling anything missed out ,you are most welcome to get us noticed by leaving a comment .

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