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top 17 websites to summit your blog to get insanely large traffic and backlinks

Here comes an exclusive list of most popular yet unknown by some of you who come here to read this incredible post, websites to submit your site/blog which will in return get you what you are looking for as a blogger and that nothing else other than insanely large traffic for your highly popular blog with awesome quality articles .

so come on guys ,without a do lets take a look at the most popular site which could definitely bring tremendous effect in the amount of traffic you get in positive direction to boast your web presence and of-course it will fill your pockets with hard cash if you have monetized your blog with any sort of ads and give you loads of backlinks as an add-on for your hard work.

1. stumble upon

Stumble upon is a popular sharing site for various websites based on users interest. when ever you find a cool website you can just stumble it under a category to get listed and traffic from stumble upon users ,category explorer and of-course your followers.

so share each post of your site on stumble upon to get noticed and receive traffic ,but choose the right category to maximize your exposure and get targeted visitor on your site

2. pinterest

Pinterest is a popular photo based social sharing site which is spreading like a boom on the web . When you submit your blog to Pinterest, and verify your profile, you get a free backlink from this site. 
More over, it will help in improving your online presence. when people come to your site and pin some photos on board ,then you will get traffic from the visitor from pinterset to your site .

3. Reddit

Reddit is the place to discover amazing content and submitting content that you find amazing on this vast web.you can also submit your content here to get some visibility its easy and fun to read stuff on Reddit and submit great stuff on it from your site and other sites.

4. I.M.T website submitter

This is an awesome online tool, on which you can submit your Website to over 2500 places. For example, sites which stores site analytic, site price ,forums,seo analysis sites and may more. 
The links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing, and improving backlink count of your blog.

5. index kings

It is a great site which will help you to index your site in search engines easily and very fast and will also build quality back links among directories,forums etc .

The backlink count for each url is 15000+
so don't wait ,just submit the url and see your backlinks increasing

6. digg.com

Digg.com is another great site to submit your content which you find interesting including your own website links to gain attention and spread omong other people.so every time you write a post submit the url to digg to get it discovered by people and get traffic

7. google plus

Like Fb, we can create Google plus page for your blog/Website . google plus enhances your search engine visibility and lets you get indexed very fast .thus giving more traffic in short span of time from search engines

8. twitter.com

Twitter is one of the most famous micro-blogging and social networking site among all which all you u write messages in 140 words and share with your followers and other people with similar interests using hash tags.

so go ahead build a profile for your blog on twitter and share cool stuff to attract traffic to yours site

9. facebook pages

Now day facebook fan pages are in trend. so go ahead build one for your blog,share your stuff along with the post links and get the traffic right to your blog .only one catch ,you need to have large number of page likers to get good amount of traffic,which will be built only if you post quality posts .

10. Storify

It is the place to publish your spinned articles which link back to your site ,to get back links and tarffic. its a great platform ,just give it a try and you will surely love it.

11. Scoop.it

You are the content you publish.

Discover, curate and publish great content to get visibility online and get big traffic to your own site ,only with your great content.

12 BlogCatalog:

Blogcatalog is a great Website to submit your blog. the only catch here is that They manually accept or reject a blog submission, so its good to submit site with quailty and quanity of great content.

13 Alltop:

if you have spent some quality time on your blog to build it a nice website filled with quality article and a nice working template then you can submit your blog to alltop website to get it featured on their site and get traffic from their site ,but its not for newbies with poor low quality websites .

so first built a quality blog and then submit to them to get good exposure to your site.  It Requires you to create a free account before submission of your site. 

14. networked blogs

Its a another great network of blogs where you can submit your blog to get traffic and backlink. you get latest news from other blogs also from your selected category list .
so go and get your blog hooked with this awesome service to get traffic .

15 Bing Webmaster tool

Here comes the Official Webmaster tool by Bing, to submit your blog to this place to get indexed in Bing search engine.your pages with get indexed as soon as the bing crawler and bots crawl your website pages .

16 .Google Webmaster tool:

This is official indexing tool of Google, where you can add your Website for indexing in google along with an additional feature of site map submission for better and fast indexing. 
More over, GWT will also work as your seo guide by giving you an look over trending keywords for your site, URL submitted and much more interesting stuff .

17 . Technorati

Technorati is a blog directory having various categories of blog listed under it . you can submit your site to Technorati to get more traffic and search engine visibility and back-links ,but mind it submit your pages under proper tags and category.

For a getting large traffic ,summit your site to all the above websites and see the magic occur naturally within 7 days 

Happy Blogging

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