Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock with Speaker Dock

Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Android Dock tell you when it’s time to wake up and shine out in world

here comes an another gadget that will help you to wake up in time in the cold early mornings when your quilt doesn't allow you to leave it ,but then you need to move out for the work. its a simple yet effective alarm clock dock for you from Hale.

The Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock Android Dock is a multi-function alarm clock that will give you the ability to do much more than just charge your phone.

so come lets take look at it abilities as a alarm clock,charger ,speaker .....

Going to sleep is not that easy as laying down and shutting your eyes for most of the people.many people requires silence, little or no light, music or silence, and your phone either needs to be set to vibrate or have the volume turned down so you’re not woken up by every text and more as per the daily habits of the person. 

There is a night time mode in this alarm clock that will screen calls for you, but there are docking systems out there that will cater to your specific needs a little bit better as per your customization and requirements for your comfortable sleep out at night.
This dock is packed with lot of incredible in-built features like SmartSilence, which will put your phone on silence mode unless there’s an emergency, and it can act as a regular sound machine that has a optional shut-off timer with fade-out and snooze time. In addition to all this ,it gives you actual buttons to press, it plugs into your audio jack and microUSB to charge up your phone and play soft and calming music at night through its 10w, full-range speakers.

It also has brightness and volume knobs as well for various adjustments . From this alarm clock, you’ll be able to set everything just the way you like it for your comfort . You can choose how often you repeat your alarm, wake up to custom tones, the snooze length, and the numeral style. 

This awesome techie alarm clock will cost you around  nearly $80, which isn’t too bad for a docking system with speaker capabilities . The only thing which we didnt like about this clock was the blinking light gradually with the ringing alarm.

so it will be an good option for every one seeking out some extra cash at $80 for an good feature packed alarm clock for their bed rooms

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