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Glyph the Virtual Retinal Display

Glyph's Virtual Retinal Display

It has taken years of development, research and hard work before Avegant arrives at the stage where it is finally Avegant comes to on the board this C.E.S 2014 to proudly unveil their beta consumer concept of the Virtual Retinal Display which is given the name Glyph. 
this next gen technology of display,The Glyph headset happens to come with a brilliant, vivid video display and premium audio experience, sporting a special flip-down form factor along the way.

If you happen to be headed to CES 2014 in Las Vegas that is the most happening  world renowned tech event, then you should be able to check these new  prototypes of the Glyph Beta that are currently being displayed and tested over in the coming CES 2014 in January. Those of you who want to take  the Glyph Virtual Retinal Display for personal use will be able to do so when the Kickstarter campaign of Glyph Virtual Retinal Display begins this coming January 22, 2014 for $499 a pop with shipping all set to commence later next year.

In the heart of Glyph’s innovative creation would be its virtual optical engine that is known as the Virtual Retinal Display. It will rely on a low powered LED, where it boasts of a series of custom optics as well as a micro mirror array for a crisp display. The visuals that are subsequently produced by the headset happen to be more crisp and bright compared to those from conventional display technologies like led ,oled etc because of micro mirror optical array. This would mean that your eyes would be treated to the ideal environment when it comes to media consumption, including 3D,4D movies, desktop environments and streamed TV shows that means you would be able to grab all of your media from any devices on a crisp and better display . The integrated head tracking capability also paves the way for immersive, responsive gaming which is compatible with all of the latest consoles and games. 

Bear in mind that the Kickstarter campaign would come with its fair share of ancillary incentives,
so if you want to get this device for yourself don't forget to head for upcoming kickstarter campaign on 22 January 2014 for this awesome next gen display tech device .

stay tuned with us for the latest upcoming news of every company and gadgets in ces 2014 .

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