That’s why the most anal and focused carmaker, McLaren, wants to get rid of windshield wipers altogether.
so come on lets see what the great speed car maker McLaren is doing to get rid of windshield wipers while driving like a supersonic jet planes without any barriers and speed limits ...and that too at ground level.

So, how do you replace windshield wipers? The Sunday Times reports that McLaren wants to use a force-field … made of sound.
Seem a bit too sci-fi to be possible in real world ? Well here’s how it works to get all that stuff moving without making noise.
An ultra-sonic transducer is attached to the windscreen that produces incredibly high frequency sound waves – not even audible to bats. These sound waves in turn create miniscule vibrations which shake water, dirt, bugs, and possibly parking tickets loose from the windscreen.
This kind of technology already exists in the world; in fact, it’s used on aircraft. In particular, it is used on the bubble canopies of some very modern jet fighters.
its an fact indispensable that there are actually more practical windshield wiper replacements out there in the tech market, but someone crazy with great future vision at McLaren just wanted the cars more like fighter jets like properties with awesome looks.
Even if that is the case, the magnetic and physical force-field technology offers improved aerodynamics – not to mention the weight savings from eliminating the wiper and its motor.
It wouldn’t be the first time that technology has been used to eliminate traditional car necessities in the pursuit of aerodynamics laws on ground levels for racing cars. in the past several years back Audi replaced its racecar’s mirrors with cameras, to eliminate undesirable airflow patterns.
So what’s next in the quest to eliminate all obstacles in the pursuit of speed? we are in an atmost need to introduce extreme aerodynamic at ground levels with cars to get into top speed mania.