Saturday, December 28, 2013

Booq Boa nerve messenger bag

Booq Boa nerve messenger bag unveiled

Here comes an another innovative featured packed backpack from Booq to give you the most of what you desire from a backpack for any and every destination .
it offers you features ranging from lot of pockets in which you can put your laptops and as small as pen drives and every other thing that you required while traveling without destroying its quality.

so come guys let take a look Bag Below to see what Booq has to offer us with this great travel bag ...

The modern day road travelers would definitely like to carry a handy bag for his stuff where ever he goes for making the required things available at time.  After all, with the number of gadgets like laptops etc that we carry around these days, in addition to our smartphones and tablets, a decent messenger bag would go a long way in making sure that all of our essential electronics travel with us. The Booq Boa nerve messenger bag has been specially designed to offer toughness and innovation in a sleek design. First of all,the bag fabric is the water-repellent 1680 denier ballistic nylon on exterior which will deliver durability and protection from outside elements, and there is also the rubberized bottom which will help shield it from every day wear and tear.

Other than that, the Boa nerve messenger bag will also come with an aesthetically designed pocket-packed interior that will come lined in herringbone nylon for storage space optimization, while ensuring that your gear/gadgets within remains free from unwanted scratches to keep their value preserved at its maximum. 

Booq has not left any stone un-turned to make a remarkable travel friendly bag not only for tech geeks but for every travelers to travel with ease and carry his stuff without any hesitation for which they have thrown in an ingenious magnetic strap system that will be able to shift from a loose to secure fit in a jiffy, offering the bag carrier maximum comfort regardless of your destination he is travelling.

It does not matter whether you are a businessman,avid traveler,college student  or a bike messenger – the stabilizer strap will always ensure a snug fit in a very comfortable manner, and it has a capacious zippered main compartment that will be further divided into segments for extra comfort. There will be a densely padded laptop pocket which can hold a 15” notebook, while a trio of flapped pockets with Velcro closures alongside one large zipper pocket will cater for the other essentials. Apart from that, you need not worry about the items ,utilities like pen drives,torch etc which you throw inside the bag without watching, since a large fold-over flap with all-around reflective trim and strap buckles will ensure that everything within remains there, safely shut and visible even in low-light conditions. 
The asking price for the Booq's Boa nerve messenger bag stands at $149.95.

did  found this bag pack interesting to you or it was an bag like every other ,how did you like the pricing for such a bag,
let us know by comments below.

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