Friday, March 24, 2017


here comes a another great concept of most anticipated smartphone apple iphone air of this decade from the great designer Designer Federico Ciccarese.

it may come as iphone 8 in coming months

apple iphone air

the all new iphone air concept phone which is believed to come in market in coming years will be Equipped with a 5 inch advanced Retina+ 3d display, and would measure in at 1.5mm thick, with only 70 grams of weight . Other details of the phone include fingerprint scanner, an entirely redesigned camera module with advanced features to awe struck the peoples imaginations , and the great lightning port connectors. Of course the iPhone Air would be running on iOS11 complete with 64-bit architecture for @ maximum performance. 

apple iphone air with 3d retina+ display

With the flooded market of many iPhone concepts (take the curved iPhone 8 concept for instance) ,there are a chances of its existence very soon to give a breath taking competitions to apples rivals. the iPhone Air is something we could definitely see becoming a reality.Moreover it would also come with advanced version of apple apps like imessage for pc 

apple iphone air with 1.7mm thickness
moreover apple iphone is releasing very soon on its release date ,to know more about it checkout apple iphone updates because iphone 8 features and iphone 8 specs are going to be awesome as it would be supporting lot of nice apps like facetime for pc
apple iphone air with 70gms weight

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