Saturday, March 25, 2017

top 10 best selling gaming consoles

hi friends ,here comes an exclusive list of most wanted gaming consoles in the current ear of gaming addiction among the die hard gamers to end your hunger quest for the best gaming consoles to buy and enjoy your games on them .

So what are you waiting for ,just go ahead ,scroll down to see which device comes at position number one and buy the consoles on which you would like to play your favorite games without any hurdles on big screens of your bedrooms .

1. Play Station 4

Play station 4 is the latest gaming device brought to you buy Sony which is most demanded gaming console right now because of its incredible features and ability to play all the high end games and give you a spirit of true gamer on your bedroom big screens .
so go ahead and buy one for u to enjoy endless gaming hours on this awesome gaming device

Xbox is an another awesome gaming console made by Microsoft to fulfill you hunger quest of awesome gaming console and send you on a perpetual voyage of great multi-player gaming with your great friends with this incredible gaming device and a big screen in front of u.

3. Oculus Rift

Oculus rift the upcoming gaming console ,which i bet would emerge as one of the best consoles ,as it has already backed by more than 5000 backers with $1 million on kickstarter .
So lets wait for this mesmerizing device which will come in few months to take the hearts of gamers away with its awesome features .

4. Razer Edge pro

Razer edge pro is a great device for the purpose of handheld gaming.
Its a tablet with killer instincts and powerful features .
Razer tablets performance matches with none other tablet currently available in market in terms of quality ,specs and which this tablet promises to offer its users.

It is a great gaming handheld console which supports all the great games like call of duty etc and also another great feature of this device is that you can connect it to your big screen TV .To get more details about this awesome device Read more @: Nvidia Shield Review

It's an entirely new system that will change the way you experience entertainment.
You will definitely enjoy playing all the great games like mario kart etc once your get hooked with this device .so go ahead buy one for u and enjoy it with your kids ,as they also love to play mario games ,aren't they.
7. Ouya

Ouya is a great next gen gaming console which allows you to play great games on big Tv screens .
As it is anew device so the gaming tally on is device is expanding day by day ,so you might not get one of the games u loved since ages but definitely the games available on it are worthy to play and enjoy.
Its a great device t play games and enjoy your time with family and children .

8. Archos gamepad 2

Archos gamepad 2 is a good gaming device which was not able to sell many units ,but yes its a great device to consider for on the go gaming purposes .
It has all the great feature of a gaming device .its nearest competitor is a playstation .

Read more : Archos gamepad 2

If you want a hard core gaming machine ,then you can definitely go for a gaming laptop without any doubt ,because it not only provides you with a pure gaming environment but also would help you to fulfill your work duties on it .
one of the best gaming laptops is : Aorus gaming laptop X7

Moreover not to forget that on all these amazing gaming laptops you can play amazing games like pokemon go after learning how to play Pokemon go on PC easily for free to have fun .

Gaming tablets are trending now days ,as people prefer to buy a tablet instead of hard core gaining console because it not only fulfill the purpose of gaming as well as surfing web and other required stuff .

So if you are not a hard core gamer than definitely you can go for a gaming tablet like Ipad etc to play and do work on the go simultaneous.

Happy Gaming :):)

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