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Top 10 Free Medical iPad Apps

Top 10 Free Medical iPad Apps

Here’s a treat for doctors and all those professionals clads in white, trying to make the world a better place: iPad apps. No, don’t get us wrong, we’re not against those Men-in-Whites (though we dread the day we seriously need one). But beside the hype and the mis-branding,  the i-tablet and iPad apps are not just ‘toys for the big boys’ but more importantly, they could be the very tool that keep society’s clean-up guys, deliver services right where they’re needed most – the sick and the dying.

The iPad App Store boasts of a medical section that has in effect, cemented the i-tablet into the hearts of the medical community. And it’s no surprise you’d see more i-tablets in hospitals nationwide than any other.

Here are 10 of the best iPad medical apps that will cost you nothing. Of course, the best way to test these apps is to give them a shot. In that regard, an iPad keyboard case may come in as truly handy.

medical ipad app

1.   MedPage Today
For physicians  and healthcare professionals worth their salt, MedPage Today is the news service that keeps them updated. With recent partnership with Thomas-Reuters Healthcare, not only does Medpage give breaking medical news when it matters, it makes sure prescription drug monographs are available together with disease pathology information.
2.   PDF Management Solutions: Evernote/Dropbox

These two apps works great with physicians wishing to store worthy medical literature with their iPad. The good thing about this two is both are free-of-charge. Now you can put your mind to rest when wanting to put important data in a safe, easily-retrievable place.
3.   3D Virtual Simulation Medical Apps: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab/ iLarynx
When you talk about 3D animation app, these two apps can be such a help. Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab is a creation of Georgia Health Sciences University. This app will guide you the upper respiratory system making it easier to view the insides at macro level.
On the other hand, iLarynx has got to be a stunning iPad medical app most especially when you want to intubate with fiberoptic laryngoscopy. In which case, you’d utilize the iPad’s accelerometer.
4.    Free iBooks
Here’s to great medical literature available using your i-tablet.Paired with the iBooks author, physicians with but a few programming skills can now create mind-blowing medical textbooks right in the comfort of their homes and be published in just a few clicks to the iBooks store. In this process, you make your text available to tens of millions of readers.

5.  Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

Curated by Dr. Daniel Cornfield, a professor at Yale University, you’d be surprised at how massive the content is for this app. With 65 Radiology cases, easily for Emergency Medicine, most physician looking into the app will be astounded to know that it comes free – absolutely at no cost.

6.   AHRQ ePSS
This app from the Department of Health and Human Services(HHS) will not fail to astound you. Though we would have wanted an upgraded search feature, we can clearly see the supremacy of this app as a Risk Assessment tool.
7.   DrawMD series
With apps like this, making complex medical operations easily understandable to patients has become a cinch.  As surgical procedures becomes palatable, doctor-patient relationship improves, increasing chances of success.
8.    Calculate by QxMD
Every specialist-doctor needs a calculator, a medical calculator to be precise. This app not only provides every specialty the calculator it needs, making it easier to get through algorithms, you get a search button that makes things a lot easier.
9.   MicroMedex
MicroMedex may have been sidelined and it’s easy to under-rate this app. But if you’re looking for an awesome prescription drug reference tool, then MicroMedex won’t disappoint. Except for the fact that this app leaves you $10 less of your savings this app is a winner.
10.   Medscape
With the popularity of this app (i.e., 500,000 downloads), it’s easy to put this one in the top position. The reason lies mainly in its Drug Reference Section. Many may have come before it, but when you’re talking about drug reference Medscape sets the standard.

courtesy : Lemuel Jovellar

Author bio:
Lemuel Jovellar is a senior writer for many digital marketing agencies and an author of this article. 

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