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what it takes to get desired alexa rank

Hi friends in the world of blogging their wouldn't be any professional blogger who will not take a look at its Alexa rank to get maximum profit from his blog.
Alexa rank is a great tool for analyzing your traffic and web presence over the globe.

what it takes to get disired alexa rank

What is Alexa Tool 

Alexa is a tool owned by amazon which gives global and country rank of your website/blog on global scale for your convenience.
Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of which provides commercial web traffic data. Founded as an independent company in 1996, Later in 1999 Alexa was acquired by Amazon .

Currently the stats shows that more than 30 million websites has been indexed by Alexa over the globe according to their ranking.

Alexa Ranking Stratergy

This definition is directly from , so it is very accurate and trust able. 
The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on a value derived from these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users). The three-month change is determined by comparing the site's current rank with its rank from three months ago. For example, on July 1, the three-month change would show the difference between the rank based on traffic during the first quarter of the year and the rank based on traffic during the second quarter.
In the case of Alexa Rank the low rank means you are performing better eg 5 is better than 10.

Here comes the lost secrets from the treasure box of optimisedtech for you to dwell over them for increasing your Alexa rank manifolds in short span of time.

My friend before we start , bookmark this page because you may not know when this page would be lost in the vast arena of this internet galaxy while you are reading and suddenly you closes you window without knowing,or your power goes off thus making you lose these secrets worth $$$.

Secrets to Get desired Alexa Rank

Now finally the time has come to share with you the great secrets to get desired Alexa rank for your site at your comfort without doing much effort.

Warning :their is no substitute for hard work ,so you need to work smartly and regularly to desired alexa rank

1. Quality content 

Since time immemorial ,the great days when the blogging came into existence it has been said that "content is the king" ,and yes its an indispensable fact which makes your blog to top list .Their is no substitute for quality content.

You need to write quality posts for your blogs to attract traffic and good alexa rank.write at-least 400-600 words article with simple and easy to understand vocabulary.i know writing quality content requires a bit of research ,so do it before you start for your article and give it your best.

After you have written wait with patinece for it to to reap fruits of your handwork and get huge traffic and better Rank

The more quality content you write, the more recurring visitors your website gets which build your traffic and ultimately increasing your alexa rank manifolds .

2. Social Sharing

Social sharing is must for getting a better web presences and a good rank too.
you must share your blog to famous blog directories like dmoz,yahoo,etc for getting traffic from their which would give you a better rank.

you should also make your your presence felt on all famous social networks by making your social profiles on facebook pages, google+, twitter, pinterest, digg , stumble upon etc for better social attraction with people as it would help you to a community for your site and regular visitor giving your site huge traffic and improved ranking.

3. Build Quality BackLinks

Build Quality BackLinksIts an essential ingredient for a better Alexa rank .as alexa keeps a a track of your sites backlinks and keeps them in consideration while ranking your site. so you need to have good amount of backlinks for better ranking.

you can increase your backlinks by leaving comments on famous blogs in your niche or other famous sites with good Pr and better alexa rank.Guest posting on other sites ,joining forums like yahoo answers ,web directories also increases your web backlinks . this would directly impact your alexa rank of your site in positive direction.

4. Frequent Feeding of site

To increase your sites ranking in short period of time consistently update your site with quality content in quantity .  This will give your users good content on regular basis .
Google and Alexa counts your dedication and trust with which you update your blog on regular basis for giving its page rank and Alexa rank respectively.

Its my personal experience to go under 800000 from 3000000 Alexa rank gradually over a period of 4 weeks with consistent blogging of 30 posts in a single month.

5. Guest posting 

Do guest posting on other popular sites with good page rank and low Alexa Rank sites by leaving the link to your blog at the end ,as this would trail all the users reading your article on that blog to come over yours blog for watching the quality content which you offer .

so this would give you large amount of traffic from that site and also you will get a backlink to your site which would increase your alexa ranking automatically.

6. Alexa widget

Alexa has provided bloggers and site owners an opportunity to showcast their rank on their sites via tool called Alexa widget.

install this widget on your blog to boast your ranking .every click over this widget is treated as a view and thus increases your ranking on
it has no effect on your site loading time and website Seo
you can get one for you from this link : Alexa Widget

7. Alexa Toolbar

Its an another utility which Alexa provides for various purposes from which the major purpose is watching ranks of various sites with a hover of mouse .

It helps to reduce your rank as it measures traffic flow to every blog you visit on your web browser and thus boast the rank whenever you or anyone else installed with this toolbar visits your site .
so go ahead download this tool bar from their site and install it to see the difference yourself within few days of installation.
ask your friends and your site visitors to install this too for getting better ranking for your website.

8. Alexa Website Claiming 

optimisedtech Alexa Website Claiming
You can claim your website on for providing information about your site to alexa which will increase your ranking on alexa. you can add all the information about your website their via a form and update for world to see in a optimized way. all the information in editable for future changes.

Finally here comes the golden one as a reward from our side for reading this post and increasing your rank.

9. Build Traffic 

Above all this the the golden key to your successful blogging carrer and disired alexa rank.

In the current world of stiff competion in every arena, building traffic is not that easy .you need to put efforts  in right direction to make regular traffic to your site for which you need to refer how to increase website traffic manifolds in minutes

if you have traffic your alexa ranking will boast like anything in no time.
so start working by following the traffic building tips by using 51 effective seo tips to get high traffic to your blog 


Its a fact and will remain so that traffic plays a key role in determining your rank ,so to increase your traffic you must read Top 10 killer ways to drive traffic to your website
mark my words guys ,you will get your desired Alexa rank if you follow each and every secret given above to improve your ranking with a time span of few weeks or may be few months .

don't be so frustrated if you see no or minimum results in the beginning because everything takes a little time to happen ,so if you have done your work then just wait and watch your stats increasing gradually

best quotes by warren buffet

While improving your ranking ,if you have any doubts ,quires related to Alexa ranking we our most welcome to help you in anyway and also don't forget to share your success stories in our comments session below .

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