Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Increase Lead Generation Through Social Media?

Until recent times, social media is restricted to create brand awareness among the customers. Now you can use the same platform for quality lead generation. Your social media promotion is going to meet your pipeline needs through quality lead generation. In this post I will detail three effective ways for quality lead generation through social media marketing.

Social media is considered as brand awareness vehicle rather than lead generation tool. You should use social media as one of the lead generation tool to grab lucrative marketing channel.  Your return on investment on social media is a big challenge if you cannot focus on the metrics that generate revenue. You social media strategy in the company should support lead generation.  The tips here will help you start generating and tracking social media leads.

Get enticing content

Have valuable information on your website and make it accessible to the reader through a gated form. The user will be able to read the valuable content on your website only after filling the form by giving you some details.  This will help you measure your leads and conversions. Your social media lead generation strategy should use all the opportunities to promote the gated content.
You can just tweet on the social media about the appealing content on your website, when the user visits your website to accesses the content, he has to fill out the form to do it.

Amplify audience with social ads   

Social media today is much beyond brand promotion and basic engagement metrics. Debut of twitter lead generation cards and Face book objective advertising social media has capability to support revenue based business objectives. Twitter lead generation cards appear as promotional tweets and they reveal an offer or signup from when the user clicks on them. This sign up form is auto populated with user name, email address and twitter handle.  Evan tracking your leads is very easy with these twitter lead generation cards. Your ads can be directly downloaded in the spread sheet or connect your CRM to receive new leads automatically.

Lead generation can be easy even with the face book ads. All you have to do is create enticing ad that drags customer attention and link the ad to the landing page with form gated content and call for action.  Face book will track the conversions with offsite pixels. These conversion pixels should be placed on the thank you page after filling the form. With this, the Face book can easily track conversion value along with number of conversions and cost for conversion.

Optimize social ad conversion with Google analytics

You can track social media driven leads more easily when you integrate Google analytics goal and campaign tracking with social media strategy.  Your lead generation path should be set up as a goal with Google analytics. Google campaign builder will help you to properly tag your promoted links as campaign within Google analytics.  Google analytics can track your conversion when you use the newly tagged url ( url that is generated by creating Google analytics) in your ad creative. You can see traffic, conversions and behavior of the browsers for particular ad. You will also be able to see which ad contributed for more number of leads and also calculate cost per lead. 

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