Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Western Digital My Passport Ultra Review

Here comes a great portable Hard disk drive from Western Digital to give its users mesmerizing performance along with some great, breath taking storage solution and performance on go, all this @ ultra light weight.

Lets take a look at its features and performances

Its no doubt that since time immemorial wd has proved its strength in producing best performing Hdds in market, with this latest light weight Western Digital My Passport Ultra Western Digital continues to impress the audience as usual, offering USB 3.0 speeds in a compact package and ultra light weight with great additional features. 

What others say about this great drive

In a review Popular Photography said that the My Passport Ultra was "as fast as any other portable drive we've tested".
isn't it great to hear these words from worlds best photo guides veterans.

With the drive being built with portability in mind, CNET found the drive "very compact and light," while Laptop Magazine called it "small and attractive." 


Interface USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

Serial Transfer Rate

USB 3.0

Serial Bus Transfer Rate (USB 3.0) 5 Gb/s (Max)

Capacity 1 TB

Height 15.4 mm

Depth 110.5 mm

Width 82.0 mm

Weight 0.16 kg


Operating 5° C to 35° C

Non-operating -20° C to 65° C

Operating System Compatibility : Windows/Mac


It is cheaply available @ flipkart.com and amazon.com to buy .

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experiences its greatness yourselves in your hands


If you're a avid traveler who needs huge extra storage space i.e 1,2 tb in a compact case that won't weigh your bag down adding some more extra pounds, then My Passport Ultra offers a fast, powerful and compact solution to your on the go needs to enjoy your day at work and at leisure.

If you buy it doesn't forget to share your experience with this great portable hard drive below in comments section.

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