Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wonderful Life Needs Joyful Bubble Tent and Castle

It’s a wonderful life we own now, and we do need the bubble tent and bouncy castle. Generally, the large bubble tent does always adopt the principle of the structural mechanics to design the frame. 

Moreover, the airbag is characterized in that the airbag and inflated to form a cylinder with a certain rigidity, and then the skeleton of the bubble tent is organically combined. With the strong framework material size, can set the size of the large inflatable tent bearing; properties of polymer coating quality by, determines the service life and maintain the rigid frame of the chamber; and rationality of setting, determines the framework supporting limit. 

The large bubble tent with double PVC synthetic fabric, high strength, waterproof, fireproof, wind resistance and long service life. By adopting the combined structure of the unit, the free splicing can be realized according to the needs of the site. No pillar of the interior, the site can be used. 

The inflatable frame form of a gas column with PVC double coated cloth, waterproof, the anti-ultraviolet material of tarpaulin, tents base for waterproof bottom fabric. With the advantages of high strength, fire, anti-mildew, anti UV, moisture etc. Large bubble tent application field: field construction operations, camping training, temporary clubs, sports and entertainment venues and military command, field hospital. 

Disaster relief, camping, leisure, bubble tent; features: the tent frame due to the inflation, so forming and recovery is very simple and convenient, anti-lightning protection NBC and other functions, very suitable for the small number of wild action and rapid response to use.

The bouncy castle is just a child's exclusive entertainment venues? According to the British Daily Mail reported on September 20, Belgium recently discovered the world's largest bouncy castle. Organizers said, the castle is open only to adults which the purpose is to make a "big boy" to return to the childhood, childhood fun experience. 

The castle is known as the "beast", composed of 32 inflatable, up to 893 feet (about 272 meters), more than two football fields. In the picture, "kids" to fall over each other. Jumping, climbing, rotate them across a barrier, playing awfully. Organizers said that they built the world's largest bouncy castle is to make people relaxed and to return to childhood. So when they see people playfully and delightfully, they feel very satisfied. 

The player said although the track makes them exhausted, they enjoy this process, even the language used to express the inner emotion. Our company has created one of the world's largest bouncy castles, named "beast", and we hope that people can find old childhood here. 

The inflatable castle is now placed in a natural park in Belgium. Players have to turn over a number of carefully designed obstacles, in order to reach the end.

Then we have the air track. To be honest, there are so many ads about air track on the market at present, like gymnastics air track for sale, renting the air tumble track and so on. Actually, it is nothing strange. There is a story on the air track. 

It is said there is a naughty boy in a countryside. His dad cannot stand him anymore and want to bring him away from home. One day, the boy does something bad to his dad again, he wants nothing but an airtrack to play. His dad is so angry and just replies that he will never buy the air track for the boy. And the boy just cries hard. The dad is so disappointed, he says nothing but gives a long sign. 


And he has decided to send the boy away to his aunt. The next morning, when the dad prepares a trunk in front of their house, the boy disappears. The dad cannot find him anywhere. One year later, the dad begins to know that his boy was grabbed by a bad person. 

He is so regretful that cries for the whole day. It is just an air track, why cannot I buy for him? The dad always tells himself like this. But nothing is useful. So, parents, do buy an air track for your kids!


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