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How to Pick Your Ultimate Mobile

Cell phones have become very important part of our lives and and are getting smarter with every product generation. In case you are planning to get new handset, think of Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. Galaxy S4 provides all the power that one expects from high end device in ultra slim package. Presently HTC one is a magnificent smartphone available and can match S4 in performance and speed. But there is no comparison to Motorola Droid Maxx’s battery life. IPhone5S is another highly advanced communicator created by the company yet.Moreover not to forget that these high end smartphone can also be used as remote control for quadcopter drones with nice HIgh quality camera to capture some stunning pics and make use o drone features like fpv effectively

Smartphone features

1. Know what phone features you want
If you are certain about the capabilities and skills that you expect in your new phone, it will be of help in ensuring that you do not pay too much for features that you do not need.

2. Don't be cell phone cheapskate
In US, majority of people purchase phone for a contract of two years. Once you have committed to handset, it is likely to be with you for some time. But if you are purchasing basic feature phone or unsubsidized unlocked device, it will be worthwhile spending more as per your capability because handset will be with you for long time. Use Ebay discount coupons to get a good discount during making the payment.

3. Find right design
Purchasing cell phone is like getting into very personal relationship with a portable physical object. Since both of you will be spending lot of quality time together, It would be better to be well informed about how your cell phone has been designed. It should reflect your style and you should be happy with its looks and performance. This is true whether you are having cutting-edge Android phone, sleek iPhone, flip phone or any rugged handset. Though Nokia Lumia 1520 presents a stunning look, it is quite big and can be got at a good price if you use mobile deals on flipkart or

Types of screen size to choose from

1. Large screens measuring over 4.7 inches
Massive display is the current rage in mobile phones particularly for advanced Android smartphones. Handsets having a screen larger than 4.7 inch diagonally are considered on top end in terms of display dimensions and physical size. Some devices having larger screens such as LG G2, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Nokia Lumia 1520 are nearer the level of size and functionality of tablet.

2. Medium screens measuring 4 to 4.7 inch
In this category the phones try hard to balance high degree of entertainment and larger display. Apple’s iPhone and Motorola’s Moto X are typical example of the approach providing large screens which users may grip with single hand while thumb can reach comfortably all the parts of display.

3. Small Screen below 4 inches

Many people still give more importance to portability feature in their mobile phones. In that case you should opt out for devices having screens measuring below 4 inches. Get the best coupons for buying smartphones at

Type of Processor
This provides computing power for different tasks and has big impact on overall performance like smooth handling of flipping through the menus and running of home screens. Older processors make use of less efficient designs which turns them to be worst performers. Compared to new counterparts these are harder on batteries too.

Type of Camera

It depends on many variables like megapixels and quality of lens. More megapixels are not better always. Lens could help sensor by exposing that to more light. These are more sensitive to the illumination which results in still better performance in conditions where light is not adequate.

Battery Performance
Good battery life is very important for any phone. They start from 1700mAh and go to 3,500mAH. Their performance is listed in terms of standby time, talk time or hours for which it is expected to perform for playing music or video.

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