Saturday, April 29, 2017

7 SEO Strategies You Must Utilize

Search engine optimization (SEO) has certainly changed over the years, but there are certain essentials or strategies that remain. In fact, there are seven that every website manager should be familiar with. Importantly, these strategies are the core of the website and will be the foundation of how you conduct your business going forward. .

 1. Content. Most definitely, content is king. But what is known as content has expanded since the advent of the web. Early on, chat rooms dominated. Then, HTML-based websites began to appear. Message boards, blogs and then social media erupted. You control the content that is on your website. It should include your key pages, fresh and updated articles, infographics, photographs, charts and videos. In other words, what you originally might have posted to your website may no longer be sufficient. Information on your website is shareable and that means your video may also appear on YouTube, your infographic posted to other websites and if allowed by you, your content shared.  

 2. Design. With design, it isn't simply how pretty your website looks. Yes, a theme or layout that is clean and attractive is important. Beyond that your website must load quickly, have a sensible navigation bar and be easy for visitors to decipher. If people are coming to your site and leaving after visiting one page, then you have a problem. You need to examine your website to see where you're going wrong.   

 3. HTML. The foundation of every website is found in the coding. With clean code your site will work as planned. HTML is the common language used to build websites. It is clean and easy-to-use and something that the search engines can easily crawl as your pages are spidered. Because so many people are not especially gifted with coding, they rely on content management systems to do the bulk of the work for them. WordPress is probably the most popular CMS of them all.   

 4. Keywords. Ah, keywords! These are the very words that attract people to your website. Typically, they are based on your company’s name or your main product. In any case, these are the words that you will include in your text and variations of the same. Endeavor to keep your main keywords in front of your audience. At the same time you need to know where you rank, how best to move up, and use a keyword planning tool to help you win the battle.   

 5. Backlinks. Your back links strategy should no longer be based on old methods. In years past you could link to other sites and those sites would link back. However, Google has devalued this practice and has, in fact, penalized website owners who violated these principles with abandon. Today, you must continue to link to other sites, but ensure that the sites you link to our of value. You cannot do link exchanges, but with your efforts you can encourage links to your site based on the exemplary content you write.  

 6. Strategy. Without a plan in place you cannot hope to succeed. This is where the services of one of the best seo companies can help you out. Clearly, to get to the next level you need the assistance of professionals who are familiar with the landscape. Through constant collaboration you can take your website to another level. It is important that you have a clearly defined strategy in place, with milestones and goals articulated.    

 7. Marketing. How will you tell people about your website? You cannot simply depend on people happening to find your pages, especially with so many other websites competing for space. Here, you will need to use a variety of tools to market what you do. In effect,  it means being engaged in social media, particularly with those platforms that can benefit you the most. These can include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram. You may also need to buy web ads and engage in specialized content creation to share with other websites.   

 Getting it Right It can take a lot of work to maintain a website. But that work will pay off if you are consistent, deliberative, knowledgeable and dedicated to the task. SEO is an ongoing journey, one that you can take with professional assistance.

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