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Top 8 iPhone Apps To Keep A Check Over Your Kids

Parenting has never been easy task and with today's hectic lifestyles, it has become quite tedious to monitor your kid's activities in a well-organized manner. Thanks to the latest innovations in the field of technology, we now have smartphones that have made emailing, texting and internet-browsing absolutely hassle-free. 
If you're a parent and own an iPhone then you're amongst the very fortunate people who have the best gadget for keeping a tab on their growing kids. In today's blog, I bring to you a collection of 8 finest iPhone apps that make it convenient for you to track your kids and their activities when they've ventured outside.

ios child safety app

iPhone App No.1- Mobistealth
mobistealth-ios child safety app

Having gained an incredible amount of appreciation from parents, Mobistealth comes with a Spy call feature that enables you to make calls without revealing your identity. That means, you can make spy calls to your kids and tactfully inquire about their whereabouts. Also, you can avail the added benefit of being able to listen to the surroundings of the iPhone that's being used by your child.

iPhone App No.2-Life360

life 360-ios child safety app
Life360 has emerged as a leading iPhone app for every parent who worries a lot about his/her child's day-to-day activities. With this app, you can check whether your kid has arrived or left his/her destination. Moreover, Life360 can also be used as a communication device for organizing group messaging and instant VoIP conference calls to stay connected with your young lads while on a move.

iPhone App No.3- Mama Bear

As an all-in-one mobile parental control iPhone app, Mama Bear allows you to locate your child via a smartphone. You can easily keep a track of your child's social media activity and find whether he/she has been driving over the speed limit. With Mama Bear installed in your iPhone, you can tell where your child is by receiving arrival and departure alerts from locations such as schools or home. MamaBear's social media monitor feature notifies you everytime your child adds a new contact or uploads/tags photos.

iPhone App No.4-My Mobile Watchdog

Compatible with both, iOS and Android, My Mobile Watchdog is equipped with a suite of power-packed parental controls that allow moms and days of teenagers to see the phone call logs, read the text messages and also find out the child's whereabouts using the GPS system. Since My Mobile Watchdog lacks a stealth mode, your kid is pretty much aware of being tracked. As a parent, you can set time and web use blocking wherein you can refrain your kid from accessing certain applications installed in their device. Available at an affordable $4.95 per month subscription fee, My Mobile Watchdog is an impressive way of tracking your kid.

iPhone App No.5-Stealthgenie

stealthgenie-ios child safety app
Stealthgenie is yet another fabulous apple iPhone app that comes with Geo fencing and prohibited location features which serve as excellent tools for tracking your kids. With the Geo fencing feature, you can prescribe a specific geographical boundary for your iPhone. In case your kid traverses this boundary, you'll be alerted on an instant basis. On the other hand, the prohibited location feature ascertains that the alarm bells are sounded in case your kid enters any prohibited location.

iPhone App No.6- Mobile Spy

As the world's first commercial iPhone spyware app, Mobile Spy allows you to receive the details of your child's activities in real time. The built-in Live Control panels allows you to view the iPhone screen in addition to the child's location, everything LIVE. The best part of Mobile Spy is that under a single subscription, you can easily monitor all your kids.

iPhone App No.7-Canary

Canary is a custom-made app for parents who want to track the activities of their driving teens. With Canary installed in your iPhone, you can easily get a clear insight on your child's smartphone behavior while driving. You can receive alerts along with complete details on calls, texts, driving speeds and locations under situations where the car is moving faster than 12mph. Quite unlike a variety of driving apps available for smartphones, Canary doesn't disable your phone, instead it offers the opportunity of viewing the kid's activity.

iPhone App No.8-Footprints

As the name suggests, Footprints allows you to follow your kid while he/she is away from you. This iPhone app is an excellent child monitoring iPhone app that alerts you, the parent every time his/her child leaves a designated location or goes somewhere else. Backed with the flexibility of saving the records of a variety of locations, the parent can quickly receive a complete overview on his/her child's movements throughout the day.


So that was a list of 8 fine-quality iPhone apps that work wonders for monitoring the location and activities of your child. Hope you'd have loved going through the apps and chosen your pick. Do share your experiences with these apps using the comments box below.

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