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how we drove 45k traffic to an event based blog

Hi friends today i am going to share my secrets on how i was able to drove 45k traffic to my event based blog after making 1 unsuccessful attempt previously  to drive traffic on an event based blog .

Here i will be sharing the tips and strategies which really works and and which do not work for getting the desired amount of traffic and money from a niche based event blog .

so come on guys lets look at what really works for getting traffic and money from an event blog right below
First to get started with some cool yet interesting strategies i want to share some important facts with you that are given below from a case study of our event based blog

1. Blog address used
2. Number of people involved in this task :2
3. Total Number Of posts in blog :19
4. Total Number of Hours used to Setup The Blog Completely Including All Posts :5
5. Total Number of Keyword Ranked On page 1 oF google :3-5
6. Total Number of pageviews we got :45000

Resources Used 
1. Serp Checker -
2. Monetization- Google Adsense,Infolinks
3. BackLinks Checker-,
4. Website hosting- Bloggers
5. Template Used- ATB Blogger Template
6. Domain Name-
7. Sharing widget - AddtoAny

Note : This was our second attempt to get success in event based blogging,and we got XXXX% increase in our success ratio when compared to our first attempt made previously both in terms of money earned and traffic growth on our event blog.
how i drove 45k traffic to a event based blog

So now comes the time to explain the complete process of how we did it...are you curious to know ,if yes then read the complete post and share it with your friends to help them succeed in event based blogging 

1. First we bought a highly targeted event specif keyword targeted domain name for our blog from for 109 INR.
As was not available we went in for because it was the best keyword matching domain that we could target to get our keyword "happy diwali 2014" on top of Google pages. 
This task was done exactly 45 days prior to the diwali festival event that was being targeted.

2. Next thing we did was setup the blog completely the very next day which included domain mapping ,publishing all the posts in not more than 2-3 hours with complete on page white hat seo strategies which works.

3. Next thing we did was submitted the blog sitemap to google webmaster and other search engines webmasters to get our blog indexed in google ,yahoo, etc and targeted India as a country as its an Indian festival.

4. Now the time comes when we need to do backlink building to get our blog ranked in google first page .
For the next 2 weeks we build backlinks for 5-10 minutes daily whenever we got time on different high quality sites.

Now @ end of 2 weeks we were able to see positive results of our hard work .
we were ranking on google first page for nearly 6-7 highly traffic  keywords realted to diwali among them 2-3 were on 1st position.

you can see the results given below in images  

insane traffic in one day

insane traffic in one day
white hat seo techniques

Now i will be revealing the secret strategies that worked for us to get ranked on first page which would also work for you ,if you follow them correctly and work smartly.

Strategies that work

1. Backlink Building : This task is a most important task to be done in an event based blogging. if done correctly it can work wonders for you giving you unexpected surprises in terms of traffic and money you receive during the event .
so to make back-links for an event based blogging we totally relied on comments and a couple of links on our own high quality websites .

Note : Site wide links only works if they are from high quality authority sites that too on last days  for event based blogs,if you give links on low quality poor blogs then mark my words you are making your pathway to ruin your upcoming future success from your event blog.

insane backlinks in one day for event based blogs

Anchored text is must for making backlinks to target specific high quality keywords and targeted posts on your blog
It can be done like this 
<a href="" rel="dofollow">wordpress hosting</a> 

2. Post optimization keeping on page seo techniques in mind is a must for getting the desired result.
For this you must read this post to get elaborate views on post optimization 

how to best optimize your website post keeping SEO in mind 

3. Keywords that you are targeting must be used in first 200 words of your blog post ,and if possible in last 100 words also to get higher and effective serp results .

4. Internal linking of the articles is must,inspite of the fact that you may be using any read more post widgets for suggestions like nrelate etc.
It helps you to boast the overall seo juice flow while ranking your site in google . when the google algorithms reads your post ,it finds a link to another post then it ads it also to its index ,which ultimately helps in overall website serp.
Lesson's learned

1. Sitewide links are a thing of past (atleast for event blogs) :
Yes you heard it correct ,here i am talking about Sitewide links(links on the sidebar or in footer of the blog/website).
while i was building links for my event blog i thought of giving sitewide links of my event based blog with anchored text on my websites homepage.(i had 2-4 good quality authority sites for this and 2-3 low quality blogs).

when i gave sitewide links on these websites with different anchored text featuring high quality keywords ,what i observed was that earlier my blog was ranking on 1-2 page for many of these keywords but just after giving the links the serp Position was beyond 300 in google .

After seeing this result i was baffled to know that they didn't worked for me even though it was on authority sites but not related to diwali in anyway or any other festival ,so i decided to remove them .
And after 2-3 days when i removed them ,keywords was back on the previous position on page 1.
But later on,on the last days when our position was getting changed from first to 5-6-7 etc then we gave the links back again ,and we got it our position back to 2-3.
insane backlinks in one day for event based blogs

2. 45 days are far more than required  to get stared for an event based blog
The reason for which we started 45 days earlier before the event to occure was that, last time when we made an event based blog we started 2-3 days prior to the event and we were not able to get indexed in google and at the end all was messed up .
so to avoid that situation we thought of getting started a bit early to see the positive results this time .
But what i figured out was that we were able to get our blog indexed and ranked in position for top targeted keywords in first 15 days and left it like that for another 20 days and in last 10 days we again build some quality backlinks.

So According to me 10-15 days are more than enough to make a event blog from scratch and get it ranked in position number 1 to get the desired results and money from your blog . 

3. Social media can be mozart in disguise
yes guys you heard it correct, social media like facebook,twitter google+ has the real power to drive loads of traffic to your very own event based blog,so don't forget to atleast make fb fan page for your blog along with this also share your content on google+ and twiiter to your followers with trending and interesting hash tags to get insanely large traffic .


It always happens that either you win or learn ,their is no word like failure in my dictionary only winning with stepping stones .
Adversities and stepping stones are the part of winning beacuse without it you are not able to get the true taste of winning .
we always work with same attitude which always makes a win-win situation for us as we are not losing a single dime because of this kind of attitude .

Last time when we did not got the desired results we got a little bit frustrated but later when we sat down to analyse the list of things that we learned ,it came out to a be a big list which lead to a perpetual smile on my face .
your success may be small but its not negligible at all for sure ,you need to look at it from prospective to get a glimpse of it to know exactly what you earned and learned from it , so to boast up your spirits do celebrate your every small success to do something better next time .

Next time we will share our experience again of event based blogging with much better stats .

If you have any experience ,then don't forget to share your success stories with us.



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