Thursday, July 9, 2015

ThoughtBuzz - Asia's leading social media management and analytics platform

In the current era of social uprising, social media is evolving rapidly. Not only does it ease our communication with friends and family, but also makes our business's more viable for the online consumers via different methods which gives the advertising brands a good ROI on their online investments to rope in maximum benefits in this vast arena of world wide web.

Social media has changed our lives and also the way we interact with the people in online world. A popular brand can interact with its large number of fans and followers online to ask for their requirements for the new products, promote the exiting products, and of course take feedback from them.

But when it comes to managing and interacting with large number of fans, it sometimes becomes difficult and cumbersome for companies to handle all the social media channels on which they interact with their fans. This is where ThoughtBuzz - Asia's leading social media management and analytics platform comes into play. It eases our problem and give us an easy solution to manage all our social media channels at one place without any problems.

With the help of ThoughtBuzz we can effortlessly manage all our channels, which include Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts and many more easily. Thoughtbuzz provides us with social media analytics tools for all our accounts to track our engagement with the fans. It becomes easy for us to know which channel is performing better than other in terms of user engagement and other factors too.

Talking about some specific features of ThoughtBuzz, it can help you setup your feeds from your different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram for PC etc. I have just added my FB fan page and twitter account feed to my dashboard.
social media management and analytics platform

Moreover, ThoughtBuzz dashboard gives you access to analytics tools such as content insight, news feeds etc. along with management tools such as trends, top fans based on their engagement with your fan page. Just take a look at my dashboard showing the various functions which I have talked about above in real below.
social media management

So what are you waiting for guys? Just go ahead and try out ThoughtBuzz to manage all your social media channels at one place without any hassle.

Take my word for it, you will not regret getting your social media channels hooked with this amazing management and analytics tool because it saves time and money for you. This way you will get the room to spend time elsewhere leaving all your social media management worries at bay only with ThoughtBuzz.

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