Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Airtel 4G -internet with ultra fast speed

With the advancements in technology the data consumption and internet usage has tremendously gone up across the world making people hungry of fast data connection on their devices to save their precious time of life for other important chores of life and to spend time with their families blissfully .That's the the main reason that airtel has come up with ultra fast internet speed standards to make your life more fast and exciting.
So finally the time has come to introduce with the ultra fast internet Airtel 4g which comes with amazing speed benchmarks which will take your breath away and will make you get your favorite apps and movies downloaded within  the time you blink off your eyes .
Airtel 4g speed comes with chills to thrill .
With the new Airtel 4g i conducted a campaign with Airtel india on twitter to know how much time it would  take to download my favorite apps on airtel 4g network and what came out was really jaw dropping as was totally amazed to see the results .
Here are few of of the speed comparison test from Airtel to download my favorite apps on its 2g ,3g and latest 4g network .

I hope you Would have known the power of airtel 4g in india but to get the true experience of it i recommend you to just go and get your sim upgrade to airtel 4g sim for free and enjoy the awesome airtel 4g speed on your device to get your favorite stuff from internet in seconds only with airtel 4g in india.

I think The above reasons would be enough for you to get yourselves switched to airtel 4g if not get some more insight about airtel 4g here to know more benefits of airtel 4g which comes at prices which are far better than its sub standard rivals hovering in the markets .

MoreOver I would like you to connect with Airtel India on Twitter with hash tag To get Latest updates on   including some awesome deals from @airtelindia right in your twitter feeds for experiencing the ultra fast airtel 4g speed .

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