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8 Proven techniques to build trust in your website

Want to buy anything, order food or sell anything online, one basically needs internet and the name of the website. With changing trends, every Company or professional requires a website to establish itself better. A website is a descriptor of the Company, through its web pages. Your website may be descriptive or e-commerce but it should be reliable and also should be among the list of top five searches in search engines like Google. 

A SEO agency in Syracuse, is focusing on helping Companies optimize their searches by using keywords which helps a good website in getting increased viewership. A good SEO Company also focuses on helping its client build a cost-effective website.

Now, the question arises that how can one design a website for his or her Company that may help building trust of customers, both existing as well as prospective. So the following are the best methods to ensure that people can trust your website:

1. A seal/mark of warranty: A website should always have a seal or quality certification mark which should be a 100% genuine mark to gain the confidence and trust of customer base. It also helps a Company build good reputation.

2. Excellent write-up in the website: It is very easy for customers to point out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. SEO agencies or the Company assigned for the job of website designing should be a good proofreader.

3. Testimonials from clients: A good Company ensures 100% customer satisfaction and the testimonials of its website bears the proof of same. A Company’s innovative planning and good managerial tasks of completing projects in targeted time helps them build stronger customer base which again strengthens its bond with the customers and helps them in getting good testimonials.

4. Photo Gallery: A website should have several high resolution images in order to target maximum customers, as it helps to get knowledge of the projects undertaken and implemented by the Company. The photo gallery also helps to make the website interesting and colourful. It also helps a customer in believing how genuine the Company or its projects are.

5. About the Team: The website also helps in knowing about the Management profile and the team working for the Company, with their respective designations for the customer to know them well. The Management Profile and ‘Know our Team’ section should have details of each member, along with their work experience in that particular field and a nice decent photograph.

6. Detailed work experience: The website should have a detailed work history of the Company covering details like the period in which the project was completed, name of the client and their Company’s logo, client satisfaction certificate and other relevant details. The more details, the more it helps a customer to choose the right Company for its project or work. The website may also show graphs to illustrate the growth of the Company or its success stories.

7. Usage of audio and video: A nice website may have a page which has videos advertising its products or services through a well-known face that also helps the Company to increase its brand values. The video may also be an initiative by the Company’s team which may brief the customer about how to use it or other details like its maintenance and warranty period.

8. No page, which is incomplete or broken: A Company’s website may create a bad impression if any of its page shows “Under Construction” or is not fixed. A Company should launch its website only after it is totally ready to be use.

A website designing Company or a SEO Company should focus on helping the website be attractive, user-friendly and illustrative. The Company should ensure that the website of its client is linked to popular social media websites and it may also show viewer count of the Website.

A good website is the face of its Company and is also its reflection and hence should contain useful information which is also true and reliable. Similarly, an e-commerce website may also help a customer to trust the quality of its products, the brand of the products and the payment options which are safe and secure.

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