Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spy Software for iPhone Without Jailbreaking

It’s is a pretty despicable world out there—Not really. Well, we are humans and feelings of hatred, anxiety, curiosity and care are genetically predisposed to us. This is exactly the reason why we want to know what’s going on with the lives of our loved ones or ‘not-loved ones’.

With technology’s breakthrough, smartphones is one innovation that can come under serious scrutiny. Though it all looks like ‘rainbows and unicorns’ but in reality, things are getting quite ugly. The ever-rising news about drug and substance abuse, child abuse, child pornography, online sex offenders, pedophiles, cyber bullies and cybercrimes are just a few of the many things that are getting their food and water from the smartphones—the perfect internet ready devices.

In the palms of our kids, these devices are like a portal to their lives. What they eat, when they sleep, music genres they listen to and all other sensitive information, like where they live or their mobile phone number.

Parents really need to have a smartphone monitoring app on their kids' iPhones and iPads. It’s the most effective way to deal with the threats that a kid may face by using a smartphone.

There are two distinct categories of smartphone monitoring apps: Spy software for iPhone without jailbreaking or with jailbreak 

Jailbreak or NoJailbreak

The internet is full of stuff about the pros and cons of Jailbreaking. But let’s just keep it short: jailbreaking is bad, very bad for your kids. It makes iOS devices more vulnerable to external threats, something that online hackers would love to play with. 
So think of jailbreaking as a big door to your kids’ room that can be opened remotely with a command from anywhere. Not only this, anyone can come in and steal anything that they like, even your kid’s identity.

So why not stay on the safe side with XNSPY’s no Jailbreak version that does all the detective work without jailbreaking. It’s easy, fast and reliable! You can also look out for other non-jailbreak version of apps. Teensafe is another good option but XNSPY is relatively cheaper and offers a better monitoring experience.

Let’s get to our period of epiphanies that I was having with you guys. Choosing an app for your kid’s smartphone is no big deal—all you need to consider is the price, features and brand. If you are not going for some renowned app, then again, you are making a grievous mistake. Why? Because data encryption is something that not every app provides. As I say always say it: Never compromise with the kids’ safety. 

Traditional Parenting Has No Substitute

If anywhere during this discussion you have realized that parental controls are alternatives to the traditional parenting and scolding, it’s not true. The role of parents never fades. Even if you are using any parental control app, it’s going to be loss-loss situation for you if you are not discussing the dangers of smartphone and internet use with your kids. Take their consent but tell them how you can mutually ensure better safety of the whole family with spy software for iPhone without jailbreaking.

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