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Hostinger web hosting services review

In the current online landscape, there’s no dearth of hosting service providers. And, with so many options available, coupled with an ocean of information available on the internet, it’s no wonder people experience paralysis by analysis when it comes to choosing the ‘best’ hosting company. 

This review covers the hosting services provided by the large scale company, Hostinger which is based out of Kaunas, Lithuania. Currently it has more than 29 million users and more than 39 localized services around the globe.

Let’s review the services by Hostinger and just analyze just how much value for money they offer. This review is based on personal experience, as well as the information gathered from the company website coupled with credible reviews collected online.

Web Hosting Plans by Hostinger

The company offers three types of hosting. There’s the option to choose from
  • Shared hosting plans
  • Free Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
No matter which type you go with, your website will be hosted on a server powered with Xeon processors. All of them are supported with SSD drives (which are clearly an improvement over HDD drives that contain moving parts). Lack of moving parts promises better data security. 

There’s the website builder tool using which users can jump directly to website designing phase.All plans are aided by 24/7 Live support via chat and ticket/email.
Hostinger shared hosting plans

Let’s now dissect each hosting plan individually -

Shared Web Hosting 

Hostinger provides 3 plans to pick from namely – Business Web Hosting, Single-Web Hosting, and Premium Web Hosting. 

Each plan comes with a 30-Day free trial and money-back guarantee which means the customer can get a refund if they’re not happy with the services, which definitely shows quite the promise on the company’s part.

Hostinger offers unlimited SSD disk space to both business and premium plans which is great for users who want to host multiple websites without having to pay extra for the additional space. What’s more, both plans offer unlimited access to MYSQL Database, email accounts, FTP users. With more than 90+ auto installer scripts, both plans are optimized for faster WordPress speed.

Business hosting gets an edge in terms of five times more memory and more processing power. There’s the deluxe live support along with data backed-up every day. So, those heavy on the security aspect can choose business plans. Free SSL certificate protects data as well as aids in SEO ranking.


Hostinger has a recorded uptime of 99.9% which is quite astounding. The uptime is recorded for business and premium hosting. 

VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers 6 plans in the virtual hosting to choose from. 

The best thing is, VPS hosting plans start as low as only $4.95/mo. For such a small fee, you get dedicated server disk space; cloud infrastructure, scalable resources, and full SSH root. 

Compared to regular shared hosting, VPS hosting by Hostinger offers 30 times faster speed. So, for websites that are heavy on everyday traffic and cannot afford downtime or slow speed can go for it. There’s the 160 GB disk space and 6000 GB of bandwidth so the users never run out of it. 

There’s dedicated support team available 24/7 to offer a remedy to technical issues that users may run into including unmanaged VPS.

Everyday file and database back-ups provide added security to businesses that are time-sensitive and cannot afford even the slightest downtime which often means loss of revenue.

Again, this plan is also supported by no-risk guaranteed and 30-day Trial. Cloud-based infrastructure with no downtime ensures website will be available with no interruptions.


How can we review hosting services and not talk about the pricing structure?Well, it pays to know that Hostinger happens to be one of the most affordable hosting service providers.

Single web hosting (ideal for beginners) starts off as low as $2.15 for a month. 

Premium web hosting which offers almost all features as the business package (with a few exceptions here and there) start at $3.49/mo. 

The business plan starts at $7.95/mo. Mind you these are the current discounted prices.

But, for the blazing fast speed, 24*7 support, unlimited bandwidth and disc space, and top-notch cloud infrastructure powered by super-fast processors, the pricing is excellent.

There are not a whole lot of hosting companies that offer so many features for such a low pricing.So, that’s one front where Hostinger seems to be a clear winner.

PS -Another thing worth nothing about Hostinger pricing is that the pricing remains the same even upon renewals. No matter the payment period of the package you choose, the price will remain the same.
Hostinger web hosting services money back guarantee

Offshore Hosting

Not a lot of companies offer offshore hosting. Hostinger has multiple data centers located worldwide. Users have the option to get their account transferred to other data center if the need be.

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Final Take

After taking everything into consideration, it becomes abundantly clear that Hostinger plans are designed for everyone. Whether you’re a newcomer or an intermediate website owner, there’s always a package of features that will go perfectly with your requirements. 

From small startups to local business owners (who don’t have enough finances to spend on professional web developers), to established businesses; there’s something for everyone.

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