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How VPS DDoS Protection Helps Safeguard Website from DDoS Attacks?

Is your website overloading with a lot of traffic beyond your expectation? Is it going down due to overload traffic? 
Caution!! It’s a DDoS attack!

Many big enterprises from BBC to Twitter and from Donald Trump’s website to Netflix have faced unprecedented cyber attacks in the year of 2017. The reason behind the increased problem is the rising popularity of Internet of things. 

According to the facts, over the last few years, the DDoS attacks have tremendously increased and it is expecting to raise more in the coming years. 

So, it is an awakening alarm that if you are running a successful online business, you might be on a verge of getting unprecedented cyber attacks. Therefore, tighten your belts and search out ways that will help safeguard your website from DDoS attacks by managed VPS cPanel.

Without much ado, let us get started to read the following points of action –

1. Prep with an Advance Action Plan 

Why let your business affect with a DDoS attack when you can make an action plan in advance. Yes, you read it right! The action plan!

It is an ideal way to stay prepared for the potential attacks. Here are the following things that you need to consider in your plan of action –

· Make use of sensors that helps provide a signal whenever the website is down.

· Always dump the logs quickly whenever there is a malicious activity.

· Have words with your ISP about the free and paid DDoS protection plans.

· Confirm the DNS TTL for systems 

· Create a network topology diagram in order to safeguard your infrastructure

· Purchase DDoS protection plan to protect your website from the attacks.

2. Determine the Traffic Levels

Who does not like increased traffic level on their website? Certainly, everyone right? But have you ever thought that an increased level of traffic beyond your imagination can be a threat? Indeed, no one would think in such way!

But, it is a bitter truth that unprecedented amount of traffic to your server can be a sign of a DDoS attack. 

Usually, hackers attack a website when it is likely to witness a huge amount of traffic. This is because it gives them a chance to make a way through the website when no one can notice.

Therefore, any abnormal increase in traffic on your website is a DDoS attack. So, stay alert, monitor the traffic and set threshold limits in order to protect your website from the attack. 

3. Look Out for the Connected Devices
Every sector is making tremendous use of Internet of things both in the workplace and outside. But this has also not been spared by attackers as it is their vital source of disrupting the services of a brand.

Therefore, the ideal way to protect the devices from the hackers is to change the passwords of the devices regularly so that it is hard for the hackers to determine.

4. Be Ready with Extra Bandwidth

Yes, extra bandwidth also plays a crucial role in dealing with the attack. It provides some time to the company representatives to identify and deal with the attack. 

Isn’t, a great way?

After all, it allows protecting the unprecedented spikes in traffic and lowers the intensity of the attack.

5. Invest in a Secured VPS Hosting

A secured and managed VPS cPanel hosting plays a crucial role in protecting the website from DDoS attack. Therefore, investing in a good security system is an ideal way to reduce the attack. 

Though many business people may think of saving a few dollars by buying the lowest priced hosting plans, yet this does nothing good instead it raises the chances of an attack on a website. 

Therefore, buying a secured VPS helps protect the site from cyber attacks as a unique IP address and the operating system is provided when buying a secure VPS hosting. 

Nowadays market is flooded with lot of companies providing VPS facilities but only a few stands out of crowd to give unparalleled support, tech stack and hosting facilities with best industry security options to give your site hackers hard time even thinking about hacking your site and inmotion is among one of those who has earned its name for good high quality hosting and good InMotion reviews by its users are proof of its quality high security hosting services.

6. Instruct Router to Drop Packets from Obvious Attack Sources
Another way of preventing the website from cyber attacks is by instructing the router for dropping the packets from IPs. It is an effective way to reduce the chances of an attack. 

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So, with these above-mentioned points, you must have got an idea how VPS DDoS Protection feature helps safeguard the website from DDoS attacks. Make sure you are abiding by these features in order to protect your site from the DDoS attacks.

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