Friday, April 20, 2018

Setup a new wordpress blog/website in 5 minutes with bluehost

Hello folks Today I am going to show you something totally amazing ...are ready for it then just scroll down to get something rewarding for spending your time to read this post.

Today we will be setting up a new WordPress website on reliable and fast bluehost servers for optimized performance for your new blog

First, before getting started with your first WordPress blog, i wanna tell you why I insist you to choose you Bluehost as your hosting partner.

Bluehost has been a hosting choice of millions giving them a totally satisfied performance over the long period of time.
Its a host which is reliable and affordable for all the people without making a hole in your pocket along with this it offers awesome customer support to all its new customers.

Mainly without being verbose it offers many amazing features among which I have mentioned a few for you to take glance over them

  • Unlimited domains
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited GB hosting space
  • $100 Google advertising offers
  • A free domain on registration
  • Free website template
  • Free site tool builder
  • much more....

  • So what are you waiting for guys ...just scroll down and droll over the steps to setup your WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes flat on blazing fast bluehost servers.

    Steps To Setup Your Website On Bluehost in 5 Minutes

    1. Sign up with Bluehost with the dynamic discounted link given below which offers you maximum discount on new WordPress hosting purchase for your blog.

    Sign up for Bluehost ( Generally $3.95/mo unlimited hosting + 1 Free Domain name)

    2. In next step when you successfully purchase your bluehost hosting for your domain name, you will be shown a cpanel when you log in with your Bluehost details into your accounts.
    In that  cpanel you will be shown various one-click install the application as given below in the images, so from this application, you have to choose WordPress and click on it.

    3.  After you click on WordPress application icon as mentioned in the previous step then you will be shown a page which would look something like the image given below to choose your domain name which points to your new blog and website. It will show the list of domains mapped to your account for your selection for the new WordPress website.

    You may get a warning that you are overwriting files, but as long as you don't have another website built yet, you can check the box and continue. This is mostly to make sure that you really want to install in that location.

    4. In next step, all you have to do is just enter your new site name along with the username and password which you would require to log in your WordPress account of your blog on www.YOUR DOMAIN .

    5. After you fill the details as mentioned in the previous step you will have to wait for one minute while your new blog on WordPress is ready to go. you may see a screen as given below in the image.

    6. Hurray:):) 
    Your first WordPress site is ready.
    Now you can go to and enter your username and password to access your WordPress Dashboard from where you can install new plugins to your blog, post new stuff and modify your blog.

    Mark my words, howsoever lazy guy you may be, the process gave above to set up a new WordPress website will not take more than 5 minutes at all can try it anytime is the easiest process to install a WordPress blog on the fastest and most reliable host for WordPress i.e Bluehost.

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    Hold ON, guys....

    Once you have setup your new blog/website you need to have all the essential plugins installed on your WordPress  blog, also you need a new theme for your site which suits its niche

    Here I have mentioned a list of some essential yet powerful plugins for you install right away on your new blog.
    • All In One SEO
    • Google Sitemap
    • W3 Total Cache
    • Show Top Commentators
    • Stats
    • Akismet
    • After The Deadline
    • Quick Adsense/Wp-insert

    Also, all the themes on the are basic themes which are free for you. But if you want to give a great look to your blog with more awesome and great features then you may require a paid theme which suits your blog and websites niche.

    So here I recommend you to go for a premium theme for your new blog which increases your blog personality and makes it fast.

    I recommend you to buy a new theme form the 3 sites given below, as they offer a wide collection of themes to suit your needs and your new websites persona at cheap rates.

    Remember Guys: Sign Up with the Bluehost links are given in this tutorial to receive 36 months of hosting for only $3.95, as well as a free domain name for a year!

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    Happy Hosting:):)

    Thank you!!!

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