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JSECOIN: Browser based Cryptocurrency with world class payments solution

With the mad rush and inclination of educated people towards the cryptocurrency world, everyone is scouting out to find a gem in vast arena of countless crypto coins which could take their fortunes to next level and comes with great underlying technology to transform this world into a better place in years to come and I think with JSEcoin aka  javascript embedded coin based in the UK I have found one of those which could definitely take blockchain based cryptocurrency world to new heights because after looking at the strong team working on it with their determination and its tremendous growth in recent months we can certainly assert that its here to stay and makes waves in the unforeseen and mammoth crypto world in years to come.

JSECOIN: Browser based Cryptocurrency with world class payments solution

so come on folks lets analyze and look at some of the vital information about jsecoin right below to find out if its the one made to rule the cryptocurrency world or not.

jse coin uses web browser-based blockchain technology to mine the cryptocurrency which later user can spend on various online platforms for buying goods, taking SaaS subscriptions, buying digital items like Digital downloads, paying for Digital marketing, purchasing Software, providing Website memberships and many more.

It is currently a centralized network platform which works on Google cloud network with a load balancer and its code base is open source released on GitHub but uses ECDSA signatures for the nodes authentification before reaching the consensus for compilation in the platform environment.

jsecoin platform network diagram

In future, as the user base grows and need to make the network decentralized and more secure arises it will use the consensus-based decentralized network with one voter per IP subnet to take it next level without any issues at user ends and keeping the security intact.

It gives web developers access to its Apis for reading private data, transactions, balances, export, import statements in bulk by integrating it into their own applications. To get more information about its APIs you can go to

How to get jsecoins
You can earn the jsecoins in many ways by following some or all of the methods shared below. to get started with all these methods and get more information about these you need to join the platform and then check out your dashboard.

self mining
you can join jse platform and start self-mining with your browser or desktop-based app which runs automatically without disturbing your operation in the background.

website based mining
you can also put a simple javascript based code in your website if you own one to earn jsecoins from it when users visit the website as it will use their computer power to mine and allow you the jsecoin. The user can opt in or opt out to mine the jsecoin for you as per his wise.

direct investment
If you are an investor and want to invest in the jsecoin then you can buy the jsecoin from a cryptocurrency based exchange with your ethereum and simply hold for some time in your account for better returns.

doing small jobs for jsecoin
you can also perform some small tasks for jsecoin website like seo, translation, testing and get a reward in return for your service in form of jsecoins. to get more information about it you need to visit:

bug bounty participation
you can also participate in bug bounty program on the jsecoin website to earn yourself a decent amount of jsecoins if the bugs are massive and real.

jsecoin coin promotion bounty
you can participate in bounty program for the promotion of jsecoin on your social media profile, blogs etc to get jsecoins. 

jsecoin referral program
jsecoin also comes with referral program to earn coins by referring people to join with your link and then you will earn jsecoins in your account.

becoming a merchant and selling on the website
if you are selling something online on your website or another platform then you can become a merchant and accept payment in jsecoins in your account.

Why I think that it will make in top 10 lists in coming future

1. strong management team with good experience
2. good execution plan followed so far
3. excellent underlying technology
4. first of its kind in browser-based cryptocurrency which uses its own blockchain(p.s: some others are based on hidden background Monero mining)
5. good risk reward for investors
6. user-friendly for website users as it is less interruptive than ads and comes with the opt-in feature
7. less resource demanding and consumes much less power than other popular cryptocurrencies

Some vital facts you need to know about jsecoin
  • hardcap of jsecoin :10,000,000,000 (10 billion)
  • cost per token at ico: $0.006
  • the underlying platform used: ERC20 platform
  • Hashing algorithm used: SHA256
  • Ico date: 11 july 2018
  • Exchange: yet to be decided
Important jsecoin resources
  • official website:
  • platform for joining:
  • blog:
  • forum for discussion:
  • jsecoin whitepaper:
  • open source code base: 
  • blockchain explorer with network stats:
  • Jsecoin FAQ reference:
  • downloading desktop, mobile apps, website plugins etc:


At the current stage the jsecoin can be termed as a hidden gem in disguise but taking in consideration its rapid and widespread adaption by users across the world the day doesn't seem far enough when it would take the crown of one of the most valuable and widely used cryptocurrencies across the world.

jsecoin uses surplus cpu power of the user to mine the blocks from the browser which makes it quite energy efficient and user-friendly instead of using dedicated GPU power which consumes a lot of energy like in traditional blockchain mining networks. This could become the driving factor of its growth story but only time will tell whether its a hero or not.

Without being biased about the jsecoin I could certainly recommend you to join the platform if you are willing to have potentially exorbitant returns for your money and time spent on jsecoin in future.

Don't forget to checkout jsecoin website for more information and joining jsecoin platform for better future with less environmental impacts.i will update this post with more interesting information about jsecoin in future.

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