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000webhost free web hosting service review

There is a time in every person’s life when he is broke or doesn’t have enough money to get started with his ambitions, at that point of time we tend to look for free things to make the best use of them for our better tomorrow and making this world a better place with our services.

Similarly when people are starting to build a new website to share their knowledge with other people or starting a new business online to make their presence felt in this online world of endless opportunities then they need to have a hosting and what better it could become for all those guys who want a hosting to get started than getting a free hosting from reputed hosting provider 000webhost which comes with premium features and good uptime to kick-start their online journey.

Yes, you heard it correct provides good quality hosting services to all its users for free without any catch and other issues. It has been founded in 2007 with only one aim to provide its users with free and reliable hosting service of top quality for years to come which have made more than 16 million website owners till now to trust this awesome service to excel in their online endeavours and fulfil the companies mission to help them grow with right people by their side to help whenever required.
000webhost free hosting service review

So to help you decide whether the 000wehbost free hosting is right for you or not we have we will share some insight about the 000wehbost right below

While choosing any free hosting services people always have this question in mind that how much resources they offer and are they sufficient to suffice in this fast-moving world of the internet?

The answer to the question is that different services have different criteria for users to use their services and they set benchmarks along with some restriction on the services which is fine if they are giving the low quantity of service as its free and can be upgraded in future but it should always be great in quality.

Taking in consideration the example of 000webhost services The amount of resources they offer under free hosting includes 1 Gb of disk space along with 10 Gb of bandwidth and 2 domains per account which I know that you would think is low for websites but the point of its being free is that it helps you to get started in the exploration journey of internet by having your own website which requires less resources and later on when you think the resources are not enough and your site is growing then you can migrates to some bigger plans on its sister site hostinger .com which provides nice hosting with all the frills and features that high end hosting have at right prices without any limitation.

Now it is time to explore some of the different free hosting plans along with their features offered by 000webhost right below

Free MySQL hosting
000webhosting Free MySQL hosting
000webhost free mysql hosting features
Free PHP hosting
000webhost free PHP hosting features
000webhost free PHP hosting features
Free Cpanel/wordpress hosting
000webhost free cpanel wordpress hosting features
000webhost free cpanel hosting features
Now we will discuss some of the incredible features of 000webhost which will compel you to choose them as your free hosting provider for sure

With 000webhost You will be able to control the Cpanel by yourself which comes equipped with all the latest features like file management system, password protection and auto installer for hundreds of free and popular website development platforms like WordPress, bbpress for forum etc. and run many scripts including PHP and Mysql ones without any restrictions which I think is very rare feature that comes with free hosting services and gives 000webhost an edge over its substandard rivals in market.

000webhost also provides you free website builder which is very easy to use and beginner friendly without compromising on any essential features which a website should have to help the novice and some experts get their website built fast without wasting any time and spending any money.

The server uptime of 000webhost is also great and you won’t face any downtime unless you run over the allocated resources many times by large numbers.

Like any other hosting platform on 000webhost, you can also take instant backups to keep your site data safe to restore it later without any issues in case of emergency or problems.

000webhost also offer full FTP support which means you can connect to your web server with clients like FileZilla etc. to upload and manage your files easily and fast without any hassles.

This web hosting service comes with No ads even though it is free which is quite rare to see in other platforms which offer free services which makes it different from others.

Now its time to talk about Customer support services
To get help if you get any problem while using 000wehhost services then you can contact the support by using chat to get it resolved.

Besides that, you can contact the growing community of expert webmasters like you who have immense knowledge about the hosting service by using the 000webhost forum here www. 000webhost .com/forum/

To report any abuse issues with your or any other website using their services you can send an email to for prompt action against the abuser.

To get answers to all the questions that you might have about the hosting services you can read FAQ’s here at this address www. 000webhost .com/website-faq

If you are setting up a WordPress website on 000webhost services then you must read this guide www. 000webhost .com/wordpress-tutorial to do it the right way without any issues

The only downside I found with 000wehbost is that your site goes down for 1 hour each day as stated by them and some users have also had issues with their support services so I would recommend them to invest in support services for better customer experience.

Additional Services
If you are looking to enhance your website experience for the user and want some more services like free proxy services, billing software etc. then you can also get them easily for free by using links on 000webhost site from their partners.

Taking in consideration all the features that 000webhost offers to its users with its awesome free hosting services I am definitely sure that is a good quality service to use for all those who want to become a blogger or start a new website to make their mark felt in the internet world in coming future.

I have also used the service in past when I was starting out and found it to be a great service with full satisfaction, so you can go ahead and sign up for a free account to take the first step towards success in your journey with 000webhost.

Once you start using it, don’t forget to share your views about it with us and our readers in the comment section below.

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