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Pokemon go game for android, ios and pc for free

Pokemon go is an awesome game which will make you love it from every angle because it will help you to go out

Pokemon go is loved and rated 5 stars by millions of people across the world as this game have given them a reason to go out and talk a walk or run across the streets and cities to make their bodies fit in long run .this game gives you double benefit i.e you play it to enjoy your life and have fun along with this you go out and talk walk to get fit ,that's purely double benefit from a free game ,I have seen for first time in decades.

Pokemon go game Download for android and ios smartphones

Some awesome tips for playing Pokemon go on your smartphones

  • when you are getting started, its advised that you should increase the level of Pokemon trainers and go out to your nearby cities and neighborhood to catch lots of Pokemon to continue the fun gameplay in Pokemon go game

  • Pokemon go is GPS oriented game which you can play in real time with augmented reality and your phone camera while you are on move out of your house to catch some awesome and your favorite Pokemon on different places

  • on Pokemon go you can collect the Pokemon items and exchange your Pokeball stores on the famous landmark in your cities like public places including monuments, artworks etc, also not to forget that in these places you may also encounter Pokemon Gyms

  • generally, it will take 3-5 km walk to get the Pokemon egg which you would have got from one of the Pokemon stops to hatch it out which will help you become healthy with a fit body in long-term.

  • if you have some budget and you love playing this game then you need to do some in-app purchases to extend your capabilities and catch more Pokemon as fast as possible

  • as you will start loving the game, you can go ahead and take some Pokemon gym fights to win the fight and evolve your Pokemon to get more powers and defeat more gyms and get ahead in the race with your new and lovely little Pokemon with different powers they have

Some important information for playing pokemon go on your mobile

  • its a smartphone optimized game which is free to download and play with some awesome IAP for more features etc

  • supported android version by this game is 4.4 to 6.0 with at least 2gb ram for smooth gameplay

  • you may have a problem playing it on devices that do have GPS compatibility because it's a GPS based augmented reality game

  • if your android device have Intel Atom Processor then you would not be able to play it anytime soon

  • it's advised to stay connected to a network while playing to get accurate location based information for collecting Pokemon on different locations

  • compatibility for more devices will be made in future, so if your devices is not compatible then upgrade to a new device or hold on , a new update would be on its way to include your device in game compatibility list soon

  • For any kind of support and more issues on your Pokemon game, you can visit here to get them resolved

Pokemon game trailer is given below for you to watch it before starting to play Pokemon go on your devices to built the curiosity of its awesomeness before the fun begins right on your smartphones

Download pokemon go apk for android smartphone below


Download Pokemon go for ios smartphones from here

Download Pokemon go for PC windows for free from here

  1. Pokemon go Multiplayer mode allows you to find out other users of this game online in the nearby vicinity and geographical area of your current location

  2. besides the multiplayer mode in the game, in Pokemon go you can create your own teams and then play to get more excitement and fun of playing this awesome game

Some of the interesting feature of this game includes notifications etc which a allows you to get the latest notification of the game on the Pokemon go plus wristband when connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

Eg while playing the game your bands LED will glow or you will get vibration on your band when you found a Pokemon nearby and many other actions for Pokemon game can be controlled and configured via this device Pokemon go plus

some more awesome Images of Pokemon go are given here for you to refer and take a look at what the game Pokemon go looks like on your smartphones right below

 once you are fully into the game and are enjoying it by going forward at different levels you will be able to get more interesting items at the pokestops such as following

  • once you reach level 5 you will get potions, incense etc ,these potions help in healing the injured Pokemon by giving them more HP instantly beside that incense is used to attracting wild Pokemon out and revive brings back fainted Pokemon back to life

  • once you reach level 8 after lot of struggle you will get razzberries and lure modules .these Razz berries when given to wild Pokemon allows them to stay in poke balls and lure modules help you to stick at poke stops for 30 minutes to find more Pokemon there

  • level 9 is another arena where you start receiving eggs, once you get a lucky egg it doubles players points for 30 minutes

  • at level 12 you get great balls which increase your chances of capturing wild Pokemon easily

  • at level 20 you will get more ultra balls for more fun and adventure with Pokemon

Not to forget guys that you can also use your quadcopters to catch Pokemon's easily without traveling much or from the places like river top, treetop, etc where you can't reach easily to get the Pokemon excitement going as it is being done by lots of people nowadays to catch their favorite Pokemon without any hazel on Pokemon go game. Moreover, Pokemon can also be found in food areas and restaurants, kitchen shops, furniture malls, etc so don't forget to find them when you go out to eat scrumptious food or check out new grills in kitchen shops after reading some great gas grills reviews for having double fun with great food in top grills and Pokemon's together.

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