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pokemon go for pc windows 8/10

Pokemon go has been considered as a kids game, and often people laughed at an adult who watches the pokemon tv show but now the point of view has changed. With Android and iOS has become one of the major platforms that offer utility which no other platforms can provide. Pokemon GO dev team has released the game in many countries.

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The game dev team has not given any guide or start-up instructions on how you can play the game, so you have to figure things off on your own. This is where we come in, and we will show you How You Can Download The pokemon go On PC but also tricks which you can use to start things off.

The numbers are huge who had started to play this game way before it even released in your region, so it is common to find someone with 3000 combat power. If you have just started to play the game, then you will be intimidated with the powerhouse GYM. This is where the tricks will save you from the corners.

Pokemon GO For PC

Pokemon GO: Tips and Tricks

Hold The Balls Throw
Many players have said that when they see a Pokemon to capture, they get tempted to catch it. That tempt leads you to lose more Pokeball's and bonuses. Instead of that, you can try swiping upwards and hold the ball. It is common for all Pokemon to hesitate and jump around or its attack animation.

You can optimize the incubators. In the game, you have unlimited egg indicator and one limited egg. In other words, you have a total of three shots, which you can use it at once. When you are spending time with two or incubators are running simultaneously.

Play Smarter Not Faster

If we play a little smarter, you can be the PRO in the region within no time. Many players are not doing using the trick. When you get excited over Pikachu reaching 10CP, do not power it up, instead, save it for later.

Once your Pikachu arrives 50CP, you will be starting to see Pokemon in wild have more CP than before. The day and time will come when you are starting to see Pokemon with 1000CP in the wild. You can keep on increasing your CP. When you use the Power-ups, you usually get 50CP, which is not worth compared to the 1000CP.

When you use the Incense item, you can use it for leveling up or sometimes lure the Pokemon to where you are. Many players use incense while they have the lowest score, save the incense until you reach level 15. When you arrive at a certain level, you can use it to catch highest CB Pokemon in your region.

Evolve Picker

Let's assume that you have a Pokemon which has 30CP, evolved into a powerless 40CO Pokemon. It makes no sense when you have a Pokemon which is evolved into weak Pokemon, Instead of that, wait until it reaches the point where you can Evolve the Pokemon to 1000CP.  You can use a tool to check the accuracy of evolving Pokemon CP "PogoTookIt:. Which will tell you the accurate number of CP.

Collect the Coins

One of the long-term benefits which most people do not see is that they can take advantage of the things which are collectible and then use it to the advantage later on. When you are at Pokemon GYM, you get a chance to collect the points immediately, but yourself also get the option to wait you have enough Pokemon's.

Remember, you are are not the highest Pokemon GO player, so start collecting the coins immediately. You can collect the coins and save them every day. Whenever you get the chance to collect the coins, just do it because it will allow you to buy a Pokemon Go lucky egg, which can prove to be the game-changer for you.

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How To Install Pokemon GO on PC

The process requires installing an Emulator, which will assist you in turning your regular PC into a running Android, which is a good idea. Here is the process to Install and Download the Pokemon GO.
  • You need at least 2GB of RAM on your PC or Laptop.

  • You need 2010 following year graphic card installed and DirectX 9.c+.

  • Your PC must have shader model 3.0 or above to play this game.

  • Make sure that your PC has enough space on your "C" drive (1GB free space for this game alone.)

  • And an Internet connection.
The process requires installing an Emulator, which will assist you in turning your regular PC into a running Android, which is a good idea. Here is the process to Install and Download the Pokemon GO.
  • Open your browser.

  • Go to the Bluestacks website. (Google it).

  • Download the standalone installer, and the size will be around 300MB.

  • Once the download is finished, install the Emulator on your PC.

  • If you get any Errors, you can Google it for solutions.

  • Once the Installation is finished, you can proceed with launching the Emulator.

  • It's time to open the Play Store, all you need to do is to search for the game and install it like you do on your Android Smartphone.
It is normal for you to get errors during the Installation of the Bluestacks. You can resolve the issue by Updating the drivers for your PC. Make sure to have at least 512MB video memory inbuilt and ensure that your PC has at least 2GB RAM or else the installation will keep on failing. If your graphic card is 2010 or below, then you may not be able to run any game or the program.

You can try other Emulators like DroidX, Genymotion, AndyOS and DuOS-M. these are few alternatives which you can try to download the Pokemon Go for windows pc.

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You can take the help of Emulators to Emulate the pokemon go game to run on your Laptop and PC. I hope you got the answer for how to play pokemon go on pc from this article but still we are made for you so If you have any questions, suggestions to make then make sure to comment below and also add your opinion on the functionalities of pokemon go for windows pc.

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