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puffin browser for pc windows

With a lot of websites and online services still supporting Flash based content, and with operating systems such as Android taking off the support for the Flash standard, you are left out with numerous options of web browsers that still support the Adobe Flash standard.

Today we are here with a review of such an awesome web browser that still supports Flash contents. The browser that we are going to talk about today is none other than the Puffin browser. The Puffin browser is among the handful of web browsers that still has support for flash content.

puffin browser for pc windows

Apart from that, the Puffin browser does have a set of user-friendly features and functionalities that do make it one of the best web browsers out there. Along with the review of Puffin Browser, we also bring you a list of all the important features of the Puffin Browser and also a nicely explained tutorial on how to install and start using the Puffin Browser for PC easily without facing any sort of difficulties.

Puffin Browser for PC Features and it’s Uses:

  • Developed by CloudMosa Inc Communication, the Puffin Browser has crossed over 380,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

  • The Puffin Browser is compatible on iOS powered devices running iOS version 8.0 and above.

  • To run the Puffin Browser on an Android device, your Android device must be running Android version 4.0 and above.

  • The Puffin browser for Android and iOS is one among the fastest web browsers out there.

  • Puffin Browser for PC, Android and iOS also supports over the cloud Abobe Flash support anytime of the day without incurring you with any additional charges or any sort of in-app payments.

  • The speed of the Puffin Browser largely depends on the cloud servers, which helps the browser to shift the browsing load from devices with limited resources to the cloud thus ensuring super fast browsing and navigation speeds.

  • Any browsing made on the Puffin Browser for PC, iOS and Android is highly encrypted for user privacy protection.

  • You can even use public unsecured WIFI networks while browsing the Puffin Browser as the browser auto-encrypts the data and ensures user safety against any sort of possible hacking attempts or other threats.

  • Regular updates are provided to the cloud servers of the Puffin Browser to ensure support for the latest version of Adobe Flash always.

  • The Puffin Browser also helps in saving the data bandwidth on your device, no matter whether it be your PC, Android or an iOS powered device. The secret behind this bandwidth saving technique is the high-tech algorithm used by the browser for webpage compression which helps in saving a maximum of about 90% of your data bandwidth while normally browsing using the Puffin browser.

Puffin Browser for windows PC Review:

Even though there are a lot of mobile and desktop web browsers out there, what makes the Puffin Browser stand out from the rest of the competition is indeed its super quick page load speeds and rendering. And this is achieved by transferring all the work based loads from your device to the cloud servers of the Puffin Browser. By doing so, the browser is able to get more resources as compared to your device’s limited hardware.

Apart from speed, security is more important on any web browser. No matter how fast a web browser is, if the security services provided by the browser are not top notch, users will not prefer it. The Puffin Browser for PC provides its users with industry level security and safety options which ensure that all the browsing made through the Puffin Browser is encrypted and safe from any third party. The developers of the Puffin Browser also ensures that even if you are accessing the Puffin Browser via an unprotected publicly accessible WIFI network, the encryption stays top notch thus protecting you from any sorts of identity thefts and other frauds.

The developers of the Puffin Browser also ensures that even if you are accessing the Puffin Browser via an unprotected publicly accessible WIFI network, the encryption stays top notch thus protecting you from any sorts of identity thefts and other frauds.

As the Android operating system has removed official support for the Adobe Flash Player standard from its version 4.0, the developers of the Puffin Browser make sure that the browser is capable of supporting the entire latest Adobe Flash Player standard by providing regular updates to the Puffin Browser on both Android and iOS.

If you are on a limited mobile data or WIFI network where each MB that is consumed matters, the Puffin browser will really attract you with its bandwidth-saving feature. The algorithm that the Puffin Browser uses for data and webpage compression allows users to save as much as 90% of their data bandwidth. However, if you constantly consume flash content and videos from your web browser, it may consume more data than usual.

The Javascript engine that is present in the Puffin Browser is claimed to be the fastest in any web browser out there. Other common features like a full web experience that is compatible for both desktop and mobile devices, incognito mode and various customization options is also present in this web browser.

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There is a theatre mode present in the Puffin browser of PC that gives you a very immersive experience with flash based games and other video content. Moreover, this browser also feature a virtual gamepad and trackpad for faster navigation and a better gameplay experience as compared to most of the web browsers available currently.

How to Download and Install Puffin Browser for PC?

All the awesome features of the Puffin browser, including its really quick page rendering and webpage loading, encryption and data conservation will be pleasant to use not only on mobile devices but also on desktops as well. And below is the detailed step-by-step guide which will let you know how to download, install and then comfortably run the Puffin Browser for PC.

As there is no official Puffin Browser version available for Windows powered PC as of now, you will need to download and install the Puffin Browser Android APK on Windows with the help of an Android Emulator. The Android Emulator that we pick today is the BlueStacks Android Emulator, which is the best Android Emulator software out there.

  1. So, first of all, navigate to and then download the BlueStacks Android Emulator software for Windows.

  2. After downloading the BlueStacks installer on your PC, install the same.

  3. Once the installation completes, a shortcut icon will be placed on your Windows desktop.

  4. Launch the BlueStacks Android Emulator by double-clicking on the app shortcut placed on the desktop.

  5. Now login to the BlueStacks Android Emulator software using your Google account credentials.

  6. After logging in, you will be able to find a Search Bar towards the top of the BlueStacks window.

  7. Search for “Puffin Browser” from within the BlueStacks Android Emulator software.

  8. From the results that appear, pick the original Puffin Browser for Android application.

  9. Click on the Install button next to the application.

  10. Wait for the application to be installed on your Windows PC.

  11. After the download completes, you will be then able to run the Puffin Browser on your Windows PC anytime you wish to, with the help of the BlueStacks Android Emulator.

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Enjoy the experience of the Puffin Browser for PC on your Windows PC. Do share your experience and reviews with the Puffin Browser for PC as comments below for other people to read and get insight from your puffin browser user experience.

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