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picsart for pc

PicsArt has become one of the Photo editing sensation in the Android Store. No app has come around which can tell their Android success story. Many app developers like to go with the iOS first because iOS apps are easy to create when compared to Android apps.

The photo editing app has many features which no other photo editing apps has it. The wide range of editing options would make you an expert in editing then you will keep on editing them to post them on different social media apps and sites.

picsart for pc

PicsArt is not just an editing app. Also, the app will prompt you to sign up using an existing the social media account. One you have register with the PicsArt you can share your photos and media with the PicsArt family.

Picsart For PC: Features & Options

Picsart Features

Many sites have reviewed the app by explaining common to unique features, but there are many points which reviewers have missed. Those small points do make significant changes in someone's Smartphone or Pictures. Today I will show you almost all of the features available in the latest version of the PicsArt and also inform you few unique features you can use to make your photos better and seem more professional.

  • To download you, can always use the Play Store to download the latest version of PicsArt.

  • In case, if you are having any issues with the installation then you can contact the developers at Support@picsart.com.

  • If you are unable to reach them, then you can even post a comment in the Picsart play store page as well, and they do reply your comments.

Let's get to the features, which PicsArt is offering.

  • You should always be connected to the Internet to use the app functions.

  • You can either select a photo from the gallery or shoot within the app.

  • While shooting within the app would allow the PicsArt to suggest some of the best effects, so your picture quality will not tamper.

  • Results available are a Light leak, Borders, Bokeh, Textures and more.

  • You can even choose Burst modes or time lapse.

  • You will get options like "pinch and zoom, Undo the last editor reset the photo to its original state."

  • You can even access the Instagram filters, which are inbuilt in Instagram.

  • You can use Instagram options like Masks, Curves, Stamp, Brushes, Cropping, Texts (Flares). You can add sets like Sports, Travel, Nature, Mustaches, Rabbits, and the list keep goes on.

  • Now let's talk about the Photoshop options like Layers, 20 Brushes, Shapes, Opacity, Squish, Size, 30 Font choices, Text Overlays, Color Picker, Camera brush, and Live camera.

  • You can also reduce the red-eye correction, Blemish removal, and Teeth-whitening. Remember, it can only take care of basic skin edits.

  • Edge detection and Object detection. No other app can perform this task like PicsArt does.

It isn't common to add an option to create collages within the social apps, and there are few who are offering, but they are mostly basic versions. PicsArt provides you Layouts, Borders, and background creation. PicsArt has the best collages options than other apps.

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If you have used the PicsArt social apps, then you would realize that the photos get saved to the SD card and then you will able to share it to social networking sites. You get to share your edited photo directly to the Twitter and Facebook. The app also offers other sites like Deviantart, Tumblr, Flickr and more.

The app lets you add Keywords, Tags, Comments, Description, Favoriting, Following and more. You can even browse by hashtags, names, or artists and more.

PicsArt For PC: Download & Install

In a recent interview with the Wired, the developers have said that they are not yet planning to launch the PC version because the developers are not ready to compete with the Software marker and giants like Adobe, Sony and Corel. The developers have informed that they will be focusing more on the iOS versions because the revenues are not enough to promote and improve the functions of the PicsArt. One thing has been cleared that you can't expect the Windows version of the PicsArt anytime soon. So we have an alternative method for you to use the app on your Windows PC. If you agree to download an alternative program to run PicsArt on your PC, then let's begin with the process.

So we have an alternative method for you to use the app on your Windows PC. If you agree to download an alternative program to run PicsArt on PC, then let's begin with the process.
  • Launch your Chrome browser.

  • The Emulator is known as "Bluestacks," Google it and reach the official site.

  • The blue stacks will ask you to download the program.

  • This is where you have to be patient because the file size is above 300MB and it is stand alone installer.

  • Make sure to install the software once downloaded.

  • While the installing the software, you will be asked to enter your details like Google account.

  • Once the installation process ends, you will land on the dashboard.

  • There's only one search bar on the Blustacks.

  • The process is familiar from here on, follow the steps which you do on Play Store.

  • Download and Install the app.
Have you encountered with any issues during Installation of Bluestacks? Let us take you to some troubleshoot tips.

  • Your PC requires at least 2GB or physical RAM and 1.2GB available.

  • Your PC graphics should be 2010 year or above.

  • Your PC must be running shader model 3.0 with DirectX 9.0a.

  • You can update your drivers, which usually are old and outdated to run latest programs.
In case, if you are using Windows XP then make sure that you are updating your DirextX files - you can use June 2010 DirectX program to upgrade the files. If none of the above details are working out for you then you can try Genymotion, Andry OS, DriodX (Recommended), DuOS-M and more.

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Once you are done with process, you will be able to run PicsArt on your Windows PC. Remember, when you are using PicsArt on your PC, you have to be connected to the Internet or you won't able to access any of the functions of PicsArt pc. If you have any questions or suggestions to make then you can comment below.

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