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iphoto for pc windows

iPhoto for PC windows desktop laptop free download alternatives

The iPhotos application is an exclusive application for the Mac and iOS operating systems that adds more functionality into it than a traditional photos application. Apart from just viewing the photos, the iPhoto app gives users the ability to edit the photos by adding several filters, effects and other layers into it. The iPhoto application also lets the users to create a unique slideshow using the photos that are available in the iPhoto application.

The iPhoto application is present on Apple iPhone and iPad devices for some time now. However, with the recent iOS 7 operating system version, the Apple iPhoto application is given a much needed design overhaul that makes the user interface of the application much appealing and at the same times adds even more functionalities and features than ever before.

As every other application that is developed by Apple itself, the iPhoto app can also be used across the iOS and MacOS operating systems. However, in case you have recently moved to a Windows PC from a Mac powered computer and if you are in search of ways to actually bring back the iPhoto app experience on your PC, then today we are here with a method following which you can get the same level of functionality as from the iPhoto app on your Windows PC.

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But before we proceed with the guide that will guide on how to install iPhoto for PC, let us go through a quick review of the iPhoto for PC application itself.

iPhoto for PC Features:

  • Helps you organize photos into collections based on date of capture, location of capture, people present in the photos and more.

  • Direct syncing with the iCloud Photo Library so as to access all the photos and videos from your Mac, Windows, iOS, Apple TV devices whenever you want to.

  • Edit photos using the iPhoto application and save the changes across all the devices that have the photo stored with the help of the iCloud app.

  • The “Optimize Mac Storage” feature stores the full-resolution images of all the photos you capture directly to the iCloud while compressed versions of the same image are saved across your devices to save memory space.

  • iPhoto will automatically turn your photos stored within the application into memories so that you can share the best memories in just a single picture.

  • The photos and videos are well-organized within the iPhoto app into Moments, Collections and Years so that you can even access pictures clicked a while away with absolute ease.

  • The iPhoto app for PC also has the ability to organize photos by persons and even items that are prominent in the photos, like sunsets, beaches and so on.

  • The Enhance option auto-edit the photos to look the best and without you needing to fiddle with any editing options.

  • Latest update also lets you edit Live Photos.

  • The Smart Slider feature helps you edit photos even if you are beginner in photo editing using the iPhoto for PC app.

  • You can add signatures, shapes, sketches and even texts to your images using the iPhoto for PC app.

  • The iPhoto for PC also lets you shared the image directly from the application itself onto popular social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. You can even send the images using the iCloud Photo Sharing service or as an SMS, email or even via the AirDrop feature on Apple devices.
How to Download and Install iPhoto for PC?

If you have already used the iPhoto app, then you should have already come across all the features mentioned above. However, if you were searching for a method to get the iPhoto for PC, then you should know that the iPhoto is a Mac-only application and there is no official version of the iPhoto for PC.

However, there are several other alternative applications that offer the same level of customization features and convenience as the iPhoto for PC. And today we bring you a detailed guide to install such an alternative to iPhoto for PC on any of your Windows powered machines.

The alternative to iPhoto for PC that we are going to feature today is the Photos app from Google. Google Photos was previously known as Picassa, which was a very popular image editing and sharing platform. Google recently retired Picassa and integrated much of its feature to the Google Photos app while bringing even more features.

As we all know, Google is one of the prime competitors to Apple and all of the hardware and software offerings from each company evens out each other. Therefore, the best alternative to the iPhoto for PC is indeed the Google Photos application.

The Google Photos is a cross-platform application where you can store all the images from any of your devices with operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows etc. Many of the operating systems have standalone versions of the Google Photos application.

However, you can also access the Google Photos service by logging on to www.photos.google.com from any of your web browsers.

Some of the important features of the Google Photos app are listed below:
  1. Google Photos app will intelligently detect duplicate photos and notify you about the same. Thus helping you save the best quality image and deleting the rest to save up storage space.

  2. Google Photos lets you upload images in high quality to the application. You also get unlimited storage space for high quality images.

  3. In case you are searching for a particular photo, you can do so by entering keywords on subjects present in the image. For example, searching for the keyword “Food” will give you images with food in it as results.

  4. Similar to the iPhoto for PC, the Google Photos app also has a very functional image editor tool built into it. Apart from basic editing options, you can also add filters on your image.

  5. Google Photos will compress the images uploaded into the application so as to give you a better compressed version of the image when you download it later.
If you are interested in installing the Google Photos for PC, one of the best alternatives to iPhoto for PC, then below is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:
  1. To install Google Photos client on your Windows PC, first of all log on to photos.google.com/apps.

  2. Once the webpage loads, you will be given with the option to download the desktop uploader client for Google Photos. Download the same.

  3. After downloading, install the Google Photos Windows client on your PC.

  4. Launch the Google Photos client that you just installed.

  5. You may be asked to log on to the client using your Google account credentials. Do the same.

  6. After logging in, you can access all of the features of the Google Photos application. The application will also auto upload all the images in its full resolution across all your devices.
You can also view all the images from any of your device, either by using the Google Photos application for the respective operating system, or by logging on to the Google Photos website mentioned above.

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If you are already using the Google Photos app as an alternative to iPhoto for PC, then do share what you like best about the Google Photos application as comments below.

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