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grindr for pc windows

There are several ways a single man & women can find a little support online. However, there is a community called GAY, who wants to have some fun, so the Grindr came into existence. Despite the fact that several competitors have taken over the dating community such as Tinder, which is currently most popular dating app in the world.
However, when you are new, then you have no idea where you can download or sign up on Grindr. It's not like you are living in the cave, a little assistance can help you gain more knowledge on the app within minutes, instead of trying it yourself.
grindr for pc windows

Grindr originally founded in 2009 and the first app to ever use Geo-Targeting option, which most of the apps and websites are now using the feature came from the Grindr. If you are on the Grindr, then you will be able to find people near to you, to be accurate 5 miles distance, which is the cool part of the app.

The app has another side of it, which is called "Grindr Xtra" which happens to be the premium version of the app. It has several features or you can say that it will allow you to unlock the bonus features, which will also filter the free one's and you will be able to dodge the spammers.

Since there are so many fake profiles on the list, then the premium version will minimize the risk because spammers never subscribe to the premium version. It will also enable you to access unlimited profiles, and there's more to it. The premium version isn't expensive, and you can pay $5/Month to get access to all premium features.

The dating app has features that will ensure you are dealing ith the right person, or so they say, but no dating app can help you find the Mr.Perfect online. You can use the app to make friends and hook-ups, which is the core reason for the app existence.

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You can browse over 6M users all over the world. According to the source, Grindr has men all over the world, and you can get your guy within a mile or so within a minute or so, which is an impressive result of the app. The picky app finalize your taste based on these factors,
  • Interest,

  • Body Type,

  • Size,

Key Features

  • The interface does not require you to have any experience with the smartphone.

  • The app targets your interest within a limit of 5 Radius mile away.

  • You can send the approximate location to the sender.

  • You can send multiple photos to the different person.

  • There ae over 6M people and no shortage of finding a man in leading cities.

Key Cons

The app has overtaken in many countries by Tinder. So you may not be able to find a Mr.Right for yourself.

  • Too many fake profiles

  • No safety or security provided to your profiles or info (The developers do claim to protect your privacy, but in the past, a bug leaked millions of people profiles & hook-ups online.)

Worthy Mentions

The dating ran through a privacy policy issues in the past because they were not providing enough security to the users. However, they sorted things out later than they won an iDate Award in 2011. Not only that they have also won 2012 best dating app in the world (After few months Tinder launched in the Sep 2012.), ever since they have not won one award.

Grindr has made an impact on dating structure, and with the being said, Tinder was launched in 2012 SEP, which later became the leader in the dating. However, when it comes to GAY dating app, then nothing can beat Grindr. Tinder and other apps focus too much on all gender groups, but Grindr is launched especially for the GAY community.

Sign-Up & Login

Head to the play store and download the latest version of the Grindr app on your smartphone or PC. Then you can sign up for a free account.

  • You can use your email or social profiles (Use your social profile for better results).

  • The type you details like your age, tribe, interests and legit information that can help you get some contacts.

  • You will be asked to type in your favorite categories, but you have to make sure to check all options.

To log in, you can use your social profile or email and password.

How To Download Grindr For PC?

To run Android apps on your PC, you must download and install a software called BLUESTACKS or an Android simulator called ANDROID EMULATOR, and you can find several of them.

There are no specific rules or regulations which you have to follow, and you will running the apps on your PC instead of a smartphone. There are few requirements which your PC must meet before the installation

  • Your PC or laptop should have 2GB of RAM.

  • Your PC must have latest graphics, or manufacturer date should not be below than 2010 with shader model 2.0.

  • Nobody mentions about the space in your HDD but your PC should have at least 10GB free space in C, or you can change the installation location on another partition.

  • Not only that if you are unable to install BLUESTACKS on your PC, then you can install other ANDROID EMULATORS.

  • You need an active Internet connection for the apps to function and you will need it until you find the best match.
Now coming to the download part of grindr for pc,

It would take on only a few moments for you download the app on your PC. After the blue stacks installed on your PC, then you can find a search box. Type "Grindr" on the search box then hit search.

Once the app on the top list then you can tap on the app icon, just like you do on your Android smartphone then you can install the app on the BLUESTACKS.

Installation would take around 5 minutes to download, which also depends on your internet speed and remember to make sure to allow the Android emulator to track your location or else the app will not function at all. You end up having an error on your PC because the app uses your location to find the best match wth 5 miles radar.

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Grindr  for windows is an excellent app which you should try, but you should be careful because the app does not have any safety features and we recommend you to take necessary steps to ensure that you are not giving your photos out quickly. There are several fake profiles on the database ensure you are testing the other uses before you give out any personal information. If you have anything to share, then you can comment below for details and clarity.

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