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shareit for pc windows

File sharing is a process which has been the basic operation between two computer users. This is basically the exchange of data between two or more. These files need to be shared according to the need of the users. The sharing can be with the means of a various medium. The file sharing can be done with the help of Network also. when two or more users are connected on the same network they can easily share their files via the network. The file sharing can also be done with the use of portable memory devices. The pen drives and external head drives make it easy to share files easily.

The upload and download operation of data from the internet servers is also a form of file sharing. So file sharing is very important as it helps you to grow yourself and be able to be a part of the vast world. The file sharing also lets you have new contents from your fellow users, You can have a collection of new movies and can also have important documents.

These are the basic operation and benefits of file sharing. File sharing can also be done with the help of your Wi-Fi and your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This operation is done with the help of an application or program named as SHAREIT.

Introduction for shareit for pc :

The share it is an application which is capable of transferring files between two wifi enabled device. The share can share a different form of media starting from Movies to documents. The shareit is available for windows, Android, Ios, windows mobile. This is a cross-platform sharing media. The share it is considered highly fast. And it is much faster than Bluetooth or NFC.

The files can easily be selected and then when the search will find the receiver, The files would be sent. This basically operates with the medium of wifi direct. The sender connects to the wifi hotspot automatically created by the receiver's device. The sender wifi automatically connects to the shared wifi and the gets ready for the file sharing.

This is a very reliable mode of file transfer as it omits the slow nature of Bluetooth and the chance of being malicious of a pen drive. The share it is basically owned by Lenovo and is completely free. This can easily be downloaded the link is provided- The share it is a very reliable way of sharing files between two devices and can be easily used and the benefit is that it uses very less memory.

How to download shareit for windows:

The share it is a free software and can be easily downloaded from the following link- https://shareit.en.softonic.com/. The link provides a download for the PC. You can easily download from there and install it on your PC. This is one of the ways of downloading share it on your PC.

There is another method by which you can install the share it on your PC. For this method, you have to downloads two files on your PC. we have to follow this link to download the Bluestacks-https://bluestacks-app-player.en.softonic.com/. The blue stack app player is capable of running android apps in the windows environment. The Bluestack creates an android environment so that the user can easily use android apps on windows PC. This is a free software and can be easily downloaded on your PC.

share it for pc bluestack

After setting up the blue stacks, you have to sign in with your google account. This will activate the google play store. After you get access to the google play store you have to then search for the Share its app on the google play store. This will give us a search result and we will be able to download the share it by clicking on the install button.

So to use share it we have to download either the share it from the official website or we can also use share it via bluestacks.

Installation process for shareit for windows:

After downloading all the files as your desire you can install. If you want to install the downloaded file from the official website, you can double click on the downloaded file. After you have given it the permission to install you can proceed.
share it for pc setup wizard

You have to then agree to the terms and conditions and follow the steps so that the files get installed. After the installation is complete you can open the share it by opening the icon on the desktop. The share is now ready for install. you can choose your desired name and can also change the display picture of your share it. If you want to try the other method that is by the use of blue stacks.

You can follow the following steps. First, you have to double click on the bluestacks raw file. After that, you have to allow all the required permissions. The bluestacks will now install. After the installation is complete you have to launch the bluestacks app player.

This needs to be verified with a google account. For that, If you already have a google account you have to enter the details of that account.If you don not own a google account then you can easily create one with providing appropriate details and you now have a google account.

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With this google account, you have to sign in in google play store. After the signing process is complete you have to open the play store and then search for the Share it. When the search is complete you can see all the related apps. Note that you should select and Install only the official app.

shareit for pc interface

The install will then begin and will take time-based on your internet connection. After installation your share, it is ready and you can now use it on your PC via bluestacks.

Features and use of shareit on PC:

After the installation is complete now you have to use it. The share its icon will be present on your desktop of the app drawer on bluestacks depending upon your way of installation. You have to click on the icon to launch it. The first page will ask for a name for the device. You can use either the default name or any desirable name. On entering the name you will then have to enter the picture. You can also add from some default samples or you can add your own.

After this step, you will enter a page with two options SEND and RECEIVE. You can choose to SEND if you want to share any file or if you want to receive any shared file you should click on RECEIVE. The share it has may extra features rather than file sharing.

shareit for windows PC has features like Clean junk, Privacy protect(lockit), Music player(listenit), Phone replicate(cloneit) and share it games. It also has a group share option which lets it share files to several receivers at the same time. It can send photos, music, videos, documents and any other files of any format.

To receive from any mobile device the share it PC has a QR code, when the mobile scans it, gets automatically connected and can share files easily.The share it has the option to invite by either sharing the download link or by sending the app.

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The share it for PC is a very useful software. You now don't have to use that usb for data transfer and without installing PC suites. The file transfer is very fast and reliable. So to have a good and fast file sharing experience, follow the above-mentioned tips and download share it for pc now.

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