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prisma for pc windows

Prisma for windows pc free download

Ever wondered if you could turn the photos of yourself, or maybe the photos that you may have clicked into awesome paintings, without taking coaching from Picasso?

Well, turning photos into paintings does not require any art skills. There are already software's available like picsart etc from a very long time like Adobe PhotoShop or even other applications for Android and iOS that may be capable enough to turn any photos into awesome-looking paintings in just a matter of minutes.

prisma for pc windows

However, learning how to use those softwares and mastering them does require some skills, and you will still need coaching from a Picasso of software painting maybe?

However, if you are looking for a simplified solution to transform your photos into not just paintings, but also other form of awesome looking artwork, the all-new Prisma app may be able to satisfy your needs.

Prisma App Review:

The Prisma app was initially launched as an iOS exclusive application, and was quickly then ported to the Android ecosystem, following the immense popularity that the app received globally upon its launch. What makes the Prisma application for iOS and Android so popular and a standout indeed is its super-easy to use user interface and features and moreover, the end result that you get from the Prisma app for Android and iOS is really cool.

The application does indeed feature quite some resemblance with the Instagram application available on both Android and iOS. Apart from the user interface, the basic functionality of the Prisma app is easy and simple as well.

Take pictures using your device’s camera directly from the Prisma app, apply the filter based on your tastes and that suits the picture and then share it on any of the popular social media sites out there like Facebook or Twitter or even save it to your device gallery.

Well, why Prisma when Instagram is already available on both Android and iOS?

That’s where the filters of the Prisma app come into play. The filters available on the Prisma app for both iOS and Android are entirely unique looking and add up a very different look and feel to any of your photos.

What more, all the filters used in the Prisma app for iOS and Android are all based on popular paintings like The Scream of Edvard Munch, a Piet Mondrian inspired filter and even filters from Picasso, Levitan and Van Gogh.

According to Prisma Inc, the developers of Prisma, the application works on a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks to intelligently transform pictures into cool-looking artworks. Even though, software and applications like PhotoShop can provide a similar end result like using Prisma, the end results from Prisma looks more satisfying overall.

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Features of Prisma App for iOS and Android:

If you are interested to know more about the Prisma app available on Android and iOS, then below are some of its prominent features:
  • The Prisma App is available on both Android and iOS operating system. You can download the Android version of the Prisma App from here and the iOS version of the Prisma app from here.

  • Prisma App for iOS and Android features filters based on paintings of very popular artists such as Picasso, Levitan, Van Gogh, Edvard Munch and Piet Mondrian.

  • After you select a filter to be applied on your photo, you can also adjust the intensity of the filter to increase or decrease the intensity of the filter that you just applied on your photo.

  • While using the Prisma app for Android and iOS, you can either click a picture from within the Prisma application or choose any existing picture from your device gallery to begin editing using the Prisma app.

  • The Prisma application works by combining artificial intelligence along with neural network to create awesome after-effects on photos.

  • You can also apply more than one filter effects on any of your photos.

  • Easy to use and fast loading user interface.

How to Download Prisma for PC?

The Prisma application is after all one of the most unique photo editing tool out there. Even though there may be many older software and applications like PhotoShop or Instagram, which may have been giving advanced editing or even the option to add filters on pictures, the experience of using the Prisma app for Android and iOS is unique. This is very evident from the success of the Prisma app, recording millions of downloads within just days of launch on both the iOS and Android operating systems.

If you are in search for the official Prisma app for Windows PC, then we are sorry to inform you that there is no official Prisma app version that supports the Windows operating system from the official developer Prisma Labs Inc, as of now.

However, if you have been in extended search for installation process for Prisma for Windows, then do not feel disappointed. As today, we are here with a detailed guide on how to easily download, install and then run the Prisma app on Windows powered PC easily without any hassles.

How to Download and Install Prisma App on Windows PC?

Below is the only installation guide on How to download and Install Prisma on Windows PC that you will need:

  • Before proceeding to download and install the Prisma app on your Windows PC, you will first need to download and install the BlueStacks Android Emulator software on your Windows powered PC.

  • You can download the BlueStacks Android Emulator app for Windows from here.

  • After downloading and installing the BlueStacks Android Emulator on your Windows PC, launch the same by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.

  • You will now need to login to the BlueStacks Android Emulator software using your Google account login credentials.

  • After logging in, search for the “Prisma” app keyword on the top right search bar.

  • From the results that is provided, click on the “Install” button next to the official Prisma app to begin the download and installation procedures for Prisma app on your Windows PC.

  • There are many clones of the Prisma app available online. To make sure that the app that you are about to download is the original Prisma app itself, do check the developer. “Prisma Labs Inc.” is the official developer of the Prisma for Windows, Android and iOS.

  • Wait for the installation procedures of the Prisma app on Windows to complete.
After the installation completes, you can now enjoy the Prisma app on Windows whenever you want to, with the help of the BlueStacks Android Emulator software.

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