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KineMaster for pc

Do you have an Android smartphone? Then you must have come across video editors, where you can create videos from your rear or front camera, and then you can make a masterpiece from the standard video file. 
There are several options, which a video editor offers but there are only a few developers, which are providing PRO features. Most of the PRO featured apps are charging you around $10 to $40 because of the efforts they are putting into making it happening.

kinemaster for pc

Many big time players are coming forward to launch their Android & iOS apps, such as Adobe Premier, Sony and more but none of the is equipped with features which can take your video editing to another level, and that's the bottom line. I have tried popular apps on the market like snaptube for pc ,Instagram for PC and most of them disappointing due to lack of PRO features.

I have tried KineMaster, who offers features which are extremely impressive, especially when you compare them to other apps such as Adobe Premier and more.

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor pc app: Salient Features

KineMaster for pc , which has kept my interest into the video editing and keep my PC version software aside. There are several options, which are meant for the professional editing. You may not be able to get the experience like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and more but I would recommend the app, which it comes to quick editing and have an editing app which is ideal for beginners.

  • Add Images.

  • Video Layers.

  • Cutting & Trimming.

  • Precise volume envelope control.

  • Multi-track audio.

  • Colour LUT filters.

  • 3D transitions.
The editing app allows you to have full control over the video editing, which helps you to make your video seem and look professional. According to the developers, they have stated that people who are into Youtube, Short films, Educators and Professional from the industry to come forward and use the app for their regular users.

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If you are on Youtube and have not mastered any of the professional PC software, then you can start with the KineMaster pc Video Editing app.

Salient Features kinemaster for pc windows

  1. Multiple Layers ForVideo: If you are beginner then you would not be aware of these functions. My opinion is that you should try the Multiple Layers, where you can add videos, music, texts and more to the one file.

  2. Frame-by-Frame Trimming, Splitting, and Slicing:Now that we have reached here, during several video shoots, there are parts which you don't want people to watch because they will downgrade the quality of your content. You can use Frame by Frame trimming, which will help you cut the shots, which you don't want the viewers to watch. Splicing is one of the professional feature, which helps you to connect the video parts into one. Slicing the video parts will increase the richness of your video.

  3. Instant Preview Anytime:Now that we know that you have started to make changes, you have to render to check, if the changes are properly done or not. It consumes time to execute and test the improvements, but you can save time by Previewing Instantly. You don't have to make and wait to test the changes, and you can do that instantly.

  4. Hue, Brightness & Saturation Controls:I'm sure that some of you are using Photo editors to improve the image, picture clarity. The enhancements improve visually, and it will increase the value of the image. Just like that, you can make adjustments in the video, and then you can adjust it till you are satisfied.

  5. Speed control For Video Clips: Why not make things a little interesting? There are videos which you can find on Youtube, where you have to fast forward particular part, which is annoying. Not only that you can make things a little interesting.

  6. Fade in & Fade Out Sound:When you have a top 10 list, then you have to open and proceed to next part with a particular opening part. You can add fade in and out sounds during switching to the next part of the Top 10 video.

  7. 3D Transition Effects:If you have started to make videos recently then you must not have seen effects, which you can find in any professional videos. You can add effects to your videos, which will make the seem much more professional and straight forward to your viewers. Among the effects, there are few silly effects, which you should avoid them for better.

  8. Other Effects:If you have never used any professional software before then there are a variety of Themes, Animations, and Visual also Audio in your videos. You should be able to do more than just making simple videos.

  9. Share: Sharing is a common thing, but I mentioned it here so that you can upload your latest video directly to Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more.

  10. Freeware:I have seen many so many editing apps, who ask you to purchase premium version to unlock features but KineMaster is a freeware app.

Formats supported by Kinemaster pc

  • Video Format:MP4, 3GP & Mov file formats (High-quality).

  • Audio formats:MP3, M4A, AAC, and WAV.

  • Audio & Video recording available in the video itself.

  • Image formats:JPEG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF (Animating images doesn't support).

KineMaster For PC

To install Android apps on your PC then you need a simulator installed on your PC/Laptop. You have to install a software called "Bluestacks", which will help you to install the Android apps on your PC/Laptop and use them accordingly.

It isn't an easy task to install an app on your PC without learning the basics of it. So we are going to show you the exact way to Install and Use the app on your PC.
  • The first head is straight to the Google search and type "Bluestacks".

  • Tap on the website, and download the simulator. (File size is above 300MB).

  • Once the download is finished, launch the software and proceed with the installation.

  • "You might face errors on during the facility, but you can always go to the forums to look for solutions."

  • You can find a search button, which is close to the Playstore.

  • Search for the "KineMaster – Pro Video Editor" and install like you do on any Android smartphone.
Note: It would take some time for you to learn the controls but once you use it for a couple of days, then you will get used to it for using kinemaster for pc regularly.

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KineMaster is a fantastic app for a beginner, who wants to learn the video editing. There is no doubt that PC will give the app more power. There are limitations, you cannot compare the app to the PC version editing softwares but it does an impressive job. Let us know in the comments below.

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