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tubemate for pc windows for free

Do you guys watch Movies, Videos and listen to the music a lot? There are any platforms on the Internet right now, where you can watch, listen and even upload your content on the websites. Some of them even offer different videos quality, sound and even format of the files.

Currently, more than 1 billion people access video content on various sites. It could be social networking sites, gaming, news sites, blogs and other portals but none of them provide options which make the users not to come back on the site.
tubemate for pc windows for free

Video sites usually take care of the users and offer them the content which is HD, legit and official content on their portals and in return they want you to come back to the site and surf even more on a daily basis.

Tubemate for PC: Youtube The Biggest Official Video Content Portal

One of the favorite sites on the Internet is Youtube, which is the property of the search giant Google Inc. Youtube has been used by billion people worldwide, and the site has official music coming straight from the artist like Eminem, Tyga, Lil Wayne and many other main stars.

Youtube is also called the land of opportunities for different content from News to Entertainment videos uploaded by the users. Youtube is currently standing tall in the market, and it has all rights to be called as the best portal available in the world because of the premium features which are available for free of cost.

As Youtube has grown from nothing to Billion dollar industry, they have also started to put some restrictions on the content, services, and options. In the year of 2009, there were many options available on the Youtube, which has been removed from the website.

Youtube does not allow users to download the videos from their site, unfortunately, but there are many services which have come along with a solution for you to download. Many of these sites and services ask you to give them the permission to download some software, install a toolbar or ask you to sign up the site.

These sites end up asking you to install, download or install something which is completely irrelevant. These anonymous sites are made to benefit from ADS, but they do deliver what they promise you. But many are not user-friendly.

Tubemate for PC

So we have a solution for you which you can use to download your favorite Movie, Show, Music and more from the Youtube without Paying, Installing, Downloading etc. In this case, you can use your smartphone to do your work and make it easy for you download your favorite content on the Youtube in a matter of seconds.

If you have an Android smartphone, then you can use an app called "Tubemate," which allows you download the content on the Youtube in a matter of seconds. The app is very popular among the Android users because of the premium options and features available on the app.

Tubemate has plenty of features and options which will help you the content on the Youtube without wasting much of your time, and learn what benefits you get from the Tubemate For PC.

Tubemate for PC: Benefits

  • You will not be asked to pay for the service.

  • It will take only 10 seconds for you to download the videos.

  • It does not consume much of your time.

  • The media you download from the Youtube will be in different formats and sizes.

  • If your storage is less, then you can choose different sizes from the options.

  • The app is free for lifetime.

  • The app receives updates from the Developers from time to time.

  • The app is safe and secures (Reported by many users).

The list keeps goes on, but the important prior part is that the app can download Youtube videos without any issues.

How to Download Tubemate For PC?

Tubemate has not developed a Windows, Mac or Linux program for the users but there is an alternative which you can use to download and install the app on your PC.

First, you need to download the app called "Bluestacks," the app is known for installing Android Games, Apps, and access the Android apps on your Windows, Linux and Mac PC without any hassle.

Follow my instructions Step-by-step,

  • You need to download the Bluestack Installer on your Windows PC.

  • Make sure that the Bluestack is finished downloading.

  • The next is to download the TUBEMATE APP from the official website.
NOTE: Tubemate is not available on the Google Play Store.

  • Download the app from the official store, Go to the folder where you have downloaded the app.

  • Now you can see that the Bluestack icon is reflected on the TUBEMATE app.

  • Click on the TUBEMATE APP, and then install it on the Windows based Bluestack.
Remember, you might get the following error "This app is non-market", now follow me, and just do as I'm going to explain it to you.

  • Launch bluestack app on your Windows.

  • Look for Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tap on it.

Why is Tubemate Not Available On Google Play?

Your question is valid, and you have the right to know. Google Play has policies which every app developer has to accept, and the Tubemate directly violates Youtube Policy, which does not allow the Third-Party to let the users download the content from the Youtube without the proper permission from the Youtube authority.

That does not mean that Tubemate is safe. Google Play also rejects an app, only when the app is violating the privacy of the users that is something you should think of it. Tubemate asks for the permission of the user's Location, SD card, WIFI and others which are irrelevant, if you think about it.


Many websites and blogs are promoting the app, but I would like to inform you that to read the privacy policy of the Tubemate for you download the app on your Windows or your smartphone. The Tubemate app sure has all features which you need when you are downloading the content from the Youtube.

What is your opinion on the Tubemate? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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