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zapya for pc windows for free

Do you use the Internet frequently for both personal and professional reasons? Yes, many of you are using different platforms for your personal and vocational purposes, but there are also many ways you can speed up the process of saving time and money which can help monetary gains.

Every web-based applications which are present in the app store or windows based software have many benefits if used them for the right purpose, such as cloud storage. There are many cloud storage websites or portals that are available on the World Wide Web and only a few of them are efficient and reliable.

zapya for pc windows for free

File sharing apps and portals have hit the internet long ago but only a few of them are reliable, and they can be trusted. File sharing apps and services were by the professionals and personal users by many users across the globe.

There are many benefits in using a File-Sharing-Service, and I would like to list the benefits so that you will get a better picture on how you can leverage from it.

Zapya for PC: Benefits

  • You can upload files which are larger than 1GB.

  • Zapya it reliable as the cloud storage.

  • You can download them and also provide download links for other to download the content.

  • Uploading and downloading is faster than average servers.

  • After the upload, you can view, edit and share files within the File Sharing Portal or service.

  • Many of the services are reliable and efficient.

  • With every services or program of the File Sharing Portal, you get unique features which make the site better.

Zapya For PC: How Does It Make Your Life Better

Zapya is one decent solution for your file transfer tools which has designed for the smartphones. The Zapya offers over 5MB data transfer per second file transfer. The app can handle files like Documents, Images, Personal photos, PDF, Excel sheets, Media, Games and more. It is not required for you to have data connection nor a fast internet connection. All you need is one wireless network that can connect your smartphones.

Zapya Uses P2P Files Transfer Technology

Transferring larger documents or any file is difficult when you have to transfer it o another smartphone or Windows PC, you just cannot use a cellular data connection to transfer the file size 1GB. The uploading and download would take ages. You can use the latest Dropbox to that, but the process will take long to finish then Zapya is the fastest method you can use to transfer then data.

You need a service which can help you transfer the files larger files within a minute, and it has been said that the app can transfer 1GB files within a minute or so. You need to have two devices connected to the same wifi, and you can proceed with the downloads. There will no data charges and the service is entirely for free.

Zapya is available as a free download on the App Store. Simply install it on your device to enjoy free file transfers. To get started, you have to make sure that your friends or colleagues have Zapya installed on their devices.

Zapya is only available for Windows and Android. You can download the app on the Play store for Android and follow the next paragraph to learn how to install the app on the PC.

What you need is a smartphone with Wifi enabled on it. Then turn on your wifi networks and connect it to the same wifi and follow the same procedure for the rest of the smartphones. Once done the app will detect the nearest devices and you can transfer the files.

Zapya File Transfer App: Notable Features

Zapya has plenty of features which are notable and unique to the app and its services.

Zapya offers fast and reliable file transfer within a minute or so and all you meet is to be connected to the same WIFI. The app has the maximum ability to transfer the files within a minute or 5MBPS per second, which is very fast. This process does not charge you any money.

If you are worried about the file formats, then that is no issue that you should be bothered. The app is capable to read several file formats and unknown data transfer is never interrupted.

Zapya offers media player, Docs viewers, PDF viewers and other formats but even when you have an unrecognized format, your transfer will not get restricted or within limits.

There are file formats which the app is capable enough to read and view those

files for you when you need to a quick look at it for the confirmation.

Well sending same files to different people one after can be a little annoying and the time consumed in the process is also high, this app has feature when you can send same files to five different users.

Pros of Zapya For PC

  • The app is user-friendly, even if you don’t know the technical way to use.

  • You can use wireless network and connect to the other smartphones.

  • The app is a free utility and fast at the same time.

  • Unlimited file format transfers.

  • Offers group connectivity option

  • You can view files and even play videos.

How to Install on Windows PC

Installing the Zapya is not a difficult task. Make sure that your Windows PC is running latest graphic drivers and the RAM is at least 2GB or the program will fail to install. Now follow the step-by-step installation process below.
  • You need to download the Bluestack Installer on your Windows PC.

  • Make sure that the Bluestack is finished downloading.

  • Now go to the Bluestacks Google Play and search for “Zapya – File Sharing Tool”.

  • Install the app and enjoy the tool.


Zapya is an amazing tool which you can use to transfer a larger file within the limits, and the app services are free and fast. Let us know how was you experience after using the app in the comments.

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