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icloud for windows pc [100% working: Tested]

iCloud for Windows pc free download

The Apple iCloud service is one of the best services from Apple that allows you to backup all the important data from any of your Apple devices across all the Apple devices that you own. However, many of the people out there who own an Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad necessarily need not own a MacOS powered system to use the standalone iCloud software on their system.

For such users of Apple products who own an Apple iPhone or iPad but still uses a Windows powered PC, Apple have now launched the Windows version of the iCloud service.

icloud for windows pc [100% working: Tested]

The Windows client of the iCloud service allows you to sync all the photos, videos and other data stored on your iPhone or iPad within the iCloud service.

The iCloud client for Windows not only allows you to backup images and videos from your iPad, iPod or iPhone devices but also other important information like web bookmarks, emails and even other files.

Apart from letting you backup the content stored on your devices running iOS, the iCloud client for Windows also lets you backup all of your important data from your Windows PC as well, which can be very useful for a lot of Apple users out there who may own multiple Apple devices along with Windows PC and would like to sync data across them irrespective of the operating system.

If you are one among the Apple users out there who also happens to own a Windows powered machine and would like to use the iCloud for Windows client on your desktop, then today we bring you a detailed guide on how to download, install and start using the iCloud for Windows official client easily without facing any hassles.

Before taking you through the guide, let’s take you through the important features of the iCloud for Windows pc and its features.

Features of iCloud for Windows and its Uses:

Very clean and intuitive user interface that is quite easy to get used to.

The iCloud for Windows client allows you to backup data from your Windows PC on to the iCloud.

When you buy an iOS or MacOS powered device, you automatically receive 5GB of free storage space on the Apple iCloud. Otherwise, if you are a regular user of just the Apple iCloud service, then you just get 1GB of free storage space.

Paid plans of the Apple iCloud cloud storage service begins at 50GB for 99cents/month. 200GB of storage space will cost you $2.99 per month and 1TB of storage space will cost you $9.99 per month.

The installation of iCloud for Windows is very easy.

Using iCloud for Windows, you can sync all your photos, videos, emails, calendar events and even other files that are stored on your Windows PC.

The iCloud for Windows client even allows you to backup bookmarks and other data from the web browsers on your desktop. However, in case you are using the Google Chrome web browser on your PC, then you will need to install the iCloud Bookmarks extension to backup your Google Chrome bookmarks to the iCloud account.

The iCloud for Windows client even adds an iCloud Photos shortcut to the hard drive of your Windows PC so that you can easily gain access to all the photos stored on your iCloud account.

The iCloud app also has direct integration with the Outlook by Microsoft software as well. The iCloud for Windows client version 5.1 and above supports integration with Outlook 2016. If you are running the latest version of the iCloud for Windows software, then you can access data stored on your Outlook 2016 account such as mail, contacts and even calendar.

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How to Download and Install iCloud for Windows:

  1. Click here to automatically redirect to the official download page of Apple iCloud for Windows.

  2. Clicking on the above link will automatically begin the download of the “.exe” installer file of the iCloud for Windows on your PC.

  3. Once the installer of iCloud for Windows has been downloaded on your PC, double-click on the same to begin the installation procedure.

  4. Before the installation of iCloud for Windows begins, you will be prompted with the License Agreement of the iCloud for Windows client, read the same and then click on the “I Accept” button and also tick the option that says “automatically update iCloud for Windows”.

  5. After completing the above step, click on the “Install” button to begin the installation of iCloud for Windows on your PC.

  6. After the iCloud for Windows software is installed on your PC, a shortcut to launch the software will be displayed on your desktop.

  7. Double-click on the same and the iCloud for Windows client window will popup.

  8. You will need to use your existing Apple ID and Password to login to the iCloud service in order to begin using the features of the Apple iCloud service.

  9. After logging in, you will then need to verify your identity. You can verify your identity by receiving a verification code via SMS on your mobile number that is registered to your Apple account and then entering the verification code on the space provided within the iCloud for Windows client.

  10. You may get additional popup boxes regarding other software compatibilities with the Apple iCloud for Windows client that you just installed. Read those popup messages and you can either opt to solve them instantly or resolve them at a later time.

  11. After the above step, you will finally be presented with the iCloud for Windows client user interface.

  12. Now, click on the “Options” button that is available next to the Photos title.

  13. You will now be able to select what all to sync to the Apple iCloud service from your Windows PC.

  14. You will also be able to select where you would like to save the iCloud Photos on your desktop’s hard drive.

  15. A file explorer shortcut will be placed on the hard drive location selected in the above step so as to give you faster access to the iCloud Photos.

  16. You will also get an iCloud for Windows client launch icon on your System tray to launch the client easily and also to get access to its important settings at once.

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Final Words about icloud for pc:

And that’s it folks! You have now installed the Apple iCloud for Windows client on your PC and now you can start to enjoy all the amazing features of iCloud for Windows on your PC itself without the need to own a MacOS powered machine.

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