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viber for pc windows [100% working]

The basic needs of a human except for food, cloth, and water is communication. The communication has to lead the way for human civilization to invent the art of speaking. The human has evolved their way of communication in large extent. The communication between two peoples can be done easily by the power of speech.

But when it comes to communicating with someone who lives in a far distant place becomes difficult. Earlier peoples used pigeons to send their message. And then with the introduction of postal services, it became a bit easy. But the postal services needed more time and money. Then with the advancement of technology came various communication means such as telephone and telegram.

As human are evolving they with eager longing wanted something more. This lead to the way of mobile devices. And continuing from that came the modern day Smartphone. This advancement of technology was because of a need of a simple way of communication.

The smartphones these days are capable of communicating with each other through various means. The users mainly use the instant messaging services. These instant messaging services provide connectivity through a cross platform and are available in a bunch for PC as well as Smartphone.

One of these instant messaging services is the Viber. The Viber is an effective means of communication and can be installed on any device. Here I will show you how to install Viber on PC.

Introduction to viber for windows pc-

The Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging application. It is developed by Viber media s.a.r.l. This is a free software. This can be easily downloaded for windows, ios, android. This has the ability to connect peoples together. This is an example of messaging service. As the world has become a busy place everyone needs to deliver their messages instantly. This does not limit to messaging, sending other extensions are also necessary. The Viber lets you send various files over the internet.

viber for pc windows [100% working]

The Viber is a cross-platform app that is your message sent from android can easily be received by a windows user. This is a very useful app. The communication does not limit to instant messages. The Viber also lets you have a real-time voice conversation. That you can make a call through Viber over the internet for free. The Viber becomes very useful in these terms as calling costs you a big amount but with Viber, you can easily call for free.

The Viber also features video calls, that is it can make a live video chat. This helps the people to communicate from a far place. This lets you make international video and voice call for free.

The Viber has several messaging features. The Viber lets you chat with 250 peoples at a time with the group chat feature. For fun, the Viber also offers you stickers and emojis to express your emotions.

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So ultimately the Viber has elegant features which offer you communicate with friends and family over long distances and that too for free. So the Viber becomes a must have app for everyone. Here I will show you how to download and install Viber for PC.

How to download viber for pc-

The Viber is free software. The Viber is available for Windows, Android, Ios platforms. The Viber can be downloaded to your PC easily. The Viber can be used and downloaded to PC by following two methods. The first one is that the Viber is available for windows PC free on the official website.

It can easily be downloaded for windows. The link for the download is -https://www.Viber.com/en/products/windows.

By following this link you can easily download the Viber for PC.

There is another method by which you can download the Viber for PC. For that, you need to download a virtual android environment and the Viber android application. There are several android environments available on the web.

But we would be using the Bluestacks app player. The Bluestacks app player is a free application that creates a virtual android environment. It can be downloaded from the link-http://www.Bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button. Following the link will let you download the Bluestacks app player for free. Then after the downloading the Bluestacks app player you have to install it. The installation will require you to allow some permissions.

After the installation is complete you can launch the Bluestacks app player. You will then have yo launch the Google play store and search for the Viber. Then on finding the official and authentic app click on install. Then the installation process will begin and you will have the Viber downloaded. This will take dew minutes depending on your internet connectivity.

The both required files are now downloaded and ready for installation.

Installation of viber for pc -

As I have stated earlier there are two methods for download. for the first one you have downloaded the windows version, you will get a .exe file. The file should be installed. This will be done by double clicking on the raw file. You can easily start the installation process.

The installation process will start and you have to allow the permission to the installation process. Then you have to agree to all the terms and conditions and the installation process will proceed. Now you have to just relax and let the installation process to continue.

Within few minutes Viber will be installed and be ready for use. For the other method, you need to first install the Bluestacks app player. The Bluestacks app player can be installed by double-clicking on the downloaded raw file. Then allowing all the permissions will start the installation. The installation process will take a few time and will be completed agreeing all terms and conditions. After the installation is complete you will have a virtual android environment on your PC.

Now you will need a Google account to sign in. If you already have a Google account you will need to provide the email id and the password. If you do not have a Google account you can easily create one providing sufficient details. Now you need to open the Google playstore and search for Viber. And on finding the app you need to click on install. This will download the file and start the installation process.

The app will be installed within a few seconds. Now you have installed both the files and ready for use. Both the downloaded files that are the downloaded file for windows and the android will have the same use and same configuration.

How to use viber for windows-

The Viber on opening will firstly ask you to agree to terms and conditions. After you agree to the terms and conditions you will lead to another page asking for your phone number and country. Here you have to enter your phone number and you will receive an OTP.

This will confirm you account. Now you can easily add your name that everyone can see. You can now also add your profile picture. Now your account is ready and you will now see your contacts that are available on Viber. From the contact list, you can easily select your contact and make a voice call or a video call.

The instant messaging service offered by Viber is also smooth and fast. With this the Viber also allows you to share several files such as videos, pictures,voice messages documents.

These are all the features offered by Viber and now can easily download and install the viber for PC.

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So the Viber is a very useful app that allows you to have an easy communication with your friends and family with the help of internet. The best part is that it is a free software and can be downloaded easily following the steps and for free. So to have a hustle free communication app do download the Viber and use it on your PC.

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