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imessage for windows pc ,mac and android


Before going to know how to download iMessage for PC/Windows let us know about what iMessage is.

IMessage, an instant messaging service developed by Apple. You can use iMessage online for sending text, images, videos and audio messages. You can also personalize your messages with animated effects all with a single message app.

To the lovers of apple products this app comes with great features and pre-installed for versions of iOS 5 and later till OS X for now. This can be an alternative for whats app, viber, we chat and many other instant messaging service apps for non-android users.

IMessage for pc app is available for apple product users’ with iOS 5 and later versions. IMessage online is a great app to use. It uses apple user Id to send messages rather than your service provider. It is an automatic program which helps you to avoid any text charges from your cellular carrier. If your device is not connected with Wi-Fi, then it uses your cell phone carrier balance to charge for sending iMessage.

IMessage on windows app is loaded with many features. To use these features you must have any apple product. But many of us can’t afford it. So to gain access to all imessage pc features you can download it to your PC/Windows and use it easily.

If your PC has windows version of 8 or 10 then you can easily install iMessage for pc app to your system and enjoy its services without owning any of costly apple products. This app is user friendly and free to download and use.

Features of iMessage for windows:
  • Like many other instant messaging services, iMessage for pc is also a great chatting service for mainly iPhone users.

  • This is not limited to only iPhone. It can be accessed through MAC, iPad and all apple services.

  • It comes with iOS 5 and later versions.

  • It is pre-installed for Apple users.

  • No need to bother about its authenticity to download and install.

  • It consumes less data

  • It is an instant messaging service.

  • You can see whether the other person on the chat is typing or not.

  • You can see their status.

  • You can access their last seen status

  • If they view your message it is marked as read.

  • One can send images, videos, files as attachments.

  • Mostly it can be used by non-apple users with some features available.

  • It is said to be available soon or later for android users too.

  • This app comes with many extended features if upgraded.

  • Group chat is enabled on it.

  • As it is in built in your iPhone, no need to bother about data charges from your service provider.

  • It is completely free to use and is a great user friendly app.
Using any of the three methods below you can download IMessage windows app to your pc and can enjoy hassle free services.
imessage for windows 7,8,10 pc ,mac and android

Step 1: You need a MAC and windows OS both for this.
  • Download Chrome browser on both MAC and windows systems along with chrome remote desktop.

  • Connect both the devices.

  • Open chrome remote desktop and follow the instructions carefully to use iMessage on your windows/PC.
That’s it. Simply enjoy the app features and happy instant chatting.

Step 2: If you have blue stacks installed on your pc/windows then this method is for you.
  • Open the blue stacks app

  • Search for iMessage on pc app on the welcome screen on blue stacks.

  • Select iMessage for pc app

  • Install it to your blue stacks app

  • Go to all apps. There you can find all your installed apps. Go to iMessage pc and open it.

You are now ready to use it. All you need to do is just enjoy the instant messaging service provided by it.

Step 3: IPadian emulator method

IPadian emulator method is one of the methods which help you to use iMessage instant message service app on pc/windows.
  • You need iPadian simulator for this. It is available for free. To enjoy all its features you can upgrade to premium version of it. Go here: to download it.

  • Install the program on your pc/ windows.

  • After installing it on your pc, your pc will change its look like that of MAC’s. You can see dock at the right bottom which you can find similar one like on MAC.

  • Now you can find the app in iPadian app drawer. Search for it there and open it to use iMessage app for pc/ windows for free completely.

How to use iMessage on your pc/ windows

You have to sync your data between apple products like iPhone, IPod, iPad to your pc to make use of it on your windows 7,8,10 OS’s.
  • Cydia is an alternative to apple app store. You need to install it to continue syncing your data from iPhone to PC. So install it first.

  • Download and install cydia

  • Open the app and search for ‘remote messages app’ on it. This is a paid app

  • You can alternatively get free versions of it too. But have to go for adding external resources.

  • When you done with installing the app, open it and go to settings option and toogle the enable button.

  • It will ask for your username and password to create a remote connection. Just create one and remember for future use.

  • Open the web browser on your pc and type IP address and port specifications where you can see in remote message settings.

  • You will be prompted to enter username and password. Enter those details as you used earlier at remote message settings.

  • Now all your data has been synchronized. You can see all your contacts, images, videos and all your data stored in your phone. You can access this data from your pc now.

  • Enjoy your iMessage for windows app on your pc fully now.
imessage for android devices

Hey folks recently we came to know that Eric Chee has come up with a new app called “PieMessage” as a project on github which can be used to make use of imessage on your android devices very easily .
so go ahead ,download “PieMessage” and get going messaging with imessage for android device .(Source)

So ask your friends to install this app on their respective pcs and join them for free chat through iMessage windows app. So you now no need to worry about not having an iPhone. You can now enjoy hassle free services of iMessage online app without bothering. Have a happy chatting through iMessage on PC app.

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