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xmeye for pc windows android ios

XMEye for PC windows android ios free download

The XMEye is a very popular video monitoring application available on both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems that allows any user from anywhere around the globe monitor front end monitoring devices such as IPC and DVR.
xmeye for pc windows android ios

If you where in search for some video monitor tools that is available on Android and iOS that can monitor IPC, DVR or most of the front-end devices, then today we are here with a review of the very popular XMEye Android and iOS application.

We also bring you a detailed installation guide to install the XMEye software on any of your devices running the Android or iOS operating systems.

In case you do not own an Android or iOS powered device, then do not feel disappointed. As we also bring you a very well-detailed and 100% working guide that will let you download, install and run the XMEye for PC application without facing any sort of errors, bugs or other technical issues.

Before we actually begin with the guides which will take you through a very detailed set of instructions to install XMEye for PC or even Android and iOS powered devices, let us first take a quick peek through all the awesome and functional features provided by the XMEye for PC application that sets it completely apart from other video monitoring applications and software solutions that are available out there.

XMEye for PC Features:

  • One of the best video based monitoring software solution available out there for IPC and DVR.

  • Easy login with cloud based technology which lets you to login using the serial number of the registered device.

  • Shows you with a live real time streaming of the monitoring device within the comforts of your Android or iOS powered device.

  • Lets you to control the software from your Android and iOS devices as well.

  • The XMEye app also supports remote playback of videos from any part of the world.

  • Its uses also include local recording and playback functionality.

  • The XMEye app also allows you to take screenshots while watching either the live streaming or the locally stored video and also to view those screenshots later.

  • This application also lets you to take snapshots and then search for the saved images as well.

  • Another awesome feature of XMEye for windows software is the Voice Intercom feature.

  • Along with the Voice Intercom functionality, the XMEye for PC all also supports bidirectional talks.

  • This application also supports the PTZ control.

  • The XMEye application for PC, Android and iOS also allows you to scan QR codes for the serial numbers in them.

  • User registration and account modification all are done making use of the cloud technology, so that no data is lost even in case you switch devices while using the XMEye app.

  • You can also remotely add, edit or delete devices that can be connected using your account.

  • Another awesome feature of XMEye for PC software is that apart from remotely adding, editing or deleting devices, you can also do them locally as well.

  • You can also add device by its custom address.

  • If you have any equipment connected local area network, then you can manually search for those devices as well.

  • One of the most user friendly features of the XMEye for PC is that once a new version of the application gets released either for Android, iOS or PC, then application gets updated automatically.

  • The XMEye for windows application also brings on some very nifty gestural controls. One of them being the ability to launch the search feature by just shaking your device.
If you liked the features of the XMEye application for windows, Android and iOS, then below is how you can easily download, install and then start using the XMEye app for PC, Android or iOS powered devices.

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XMEye for Android:
  • From your Android powered device, launch the Google Play Store application.

  • Now from within the Google Play Store app, search for “XMEye”.

  • The original XMEye app for Android is developed by “Huangwanshui Tools”. So make sure that you do not download the fake one.

  • You can also directly go to the download page of the XMEye application on the Google Play Store by simply clicking here.

XMEye for iOS:

  • In case you are using an iOS powered device on which you would like to use the XMEye application, then below is what all you need to do.

  • First of all, launch the Apple iTunes App Store on your iOS powered device.

  • Search for the application by typing in “XMEye”. Before downloading, make sure that the application is the original version by checking whether the developer name is “Youlong Hu”.

  • Click on the Install button to install the XMEye app on your iOS powered device for free.

  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the download page of the XMEye application on the Apple App Store by clicking here.

How to Download and Install XMEye for PC?

If you are in extended search for a well explained tutorial that will cover all the important steps required in order to install and start using the XMEye for PC application, then below is all that you will need.
  • First of all, download and install the BlueStacks Android Emulator tool for Windows from and then install it on your PC. The BlueStacks software will let you run native Android application on Windows powered PC.

  • After installing BlueStacks on your Windows PC, launch the application.

  • You will then need to login to the BlueStacks software for windows using your Google account credentials.

  • Once you have logged in, search for the “XMEye” app on the search bar provided in the top menu of the BlueStacks software.

  • From the search results, pick the original XMEye application that is published by the developer with the name “Huangwanshui Tools”.

  • Click on the Install button next to the app name.

  • Wait for the XMEye app to be installed on your PC.
After the downloading and installation of XMEye app on your PC has been completed with the help of the BlueStacks Android Emulator software, you can then run the XMEye application on your Windows PC anytime with the help of BlueStacks and enjoy all the features and other benefits of the application available for iOS and Android.not to forget that you can use this awesome app xmeye for mac also easily if you aint got windows pc with you.

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Final Words:

Hope you found this simple and nicely detailed tutorial on how to download and install XMEye for PC application helpful. In case you enjoyed the experience of XMEye for PC, then do share this article to spread the word with your friends and contacts as well.

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