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mx player for pc windows


Nowadays, many people across the globe use to watch the videos on their Smartphone’s for the daily entertainment. The entertainment becomes more prevalent among the people, and they use to enjoy the videos for unlimited fun. Using different types of video app on smart devices become common in recent years. People often watch the video using the Android apps which mainly helps you to force your video as a user control.

There you can adjust the volume, resume and pause while playing. But still, video app users facing the issue during the time of watching videos which get closed automatically during the period of watching and many apps also don’t have the features like on or off the subtitles of the video.

mx player for pc windows

There is an Android app for the videos available in the market to solve this issue. Thus the app is called MX player. It has the great features to use for the videos at any time. It also termed as one of the best video apps for the Android devices. Those who are all looking for the video app for an extended period can download and install the app on your devices. It consumes only less memory on your devices.

The MX player app is available in the tech market which is known as Google PlayStore for the people to download. The users don’t need to pay for this brilliant app at any time. It is available for the people at free of cost. You can download this excellent app for the videos at anytime from anywhere.

Features of mx player

This great application has the vast number of features to use by the users. They are as follows


The app can include the files like .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .flv, .wmv and much more. It also has the option like to adjust the audio. The user can move the video forward and backward, and it also contains the aspect ratio selection.


It is a simple user interface which contains the multiple themes for the users to use. Thus the file management has the fast SD card scan which will scan in a few seconds.


The app will support the subtitles for the videos. There is a formats available for the subtitles they are .srt, .idx, .txt, pjs, .vtt, .ssa,.sub, .smi and much more. On the other side, it also supports the multi-subtitle. Along with this option, the user can scroll forward or backward the subtitles.


It is a great feature in the app that it will help you to pinch and makes a zoom at any time. You can also drag horizontally or vertically the sound volume control by just touching the screen. On the other side, just dragging by the users can control the brightness. Also, it has the settings which optionally contain the current display time and the battery status.

It will also support the leading platforms like Android, Windows and the other higher platforms. It has the kids lock mode option while watching the video using MX player app can prevent them from entering the other apps.

Download MX Player for PC

We all know that the MX player is highly supporting for the Android and Windows devices. On the other side, people want to watch the movies on a full screen. It means that they want to watch the movies or other videos on the wider screen which will create more impact than watching on Android devices.

For those people who are all looking for the MX player to be used in the wider screen like PC/Laptop can follow the given procedure. Yes! The MX player has the great chance to support on PC as well. There is a method to download and Install the app on PC. By using the Android emulator, the user can download and install the Android application in PC for the general use. It has very simple steps to progress the levels at any time.

MX Player on PC: How to download and install

First of all, people should be aware of the Android emulator which is mainly helps you to download the app and install on the PC. Thus the popular Android emulator is called BlueStacks. The BlueStacks supports any of the android application at any time. Before jumping into the app download make sure that you have downloaded the BlueStacks Android emulator or not.

There are some of the steps to be progressed by the BlueStacks Android Emulator. They are
  • Users make sure that you have the enough memory space to download the BlueStacks or not.

  • Once if you’re confirmed about the memory status can jump into the website to download the BlueStacks. Click this given below link to download.
  • After clicking the above-given link, people can download the BlueStacks Android emulator for further updates.

  • One must know that the MX player for the PC to download cannot download directly especially for the PC.

  • After downloading the Android emulator, people can now ready to use any of the Android applications in PC.

  • With the help of Android Emulator, people can download the MX Player to watch the videos at any time.

  • It makes everyone a great fun of all the time.

mx player for pc on bluestack

After downloading the Android emulator on your computer, now ready to install the MX Player to download using the BlueStacks. To download the app user should go to the search box. If you want to search for the app, the user can type there for searching. For example, type the app you need and find it. If it is available in Google store, then you can download the app and install using the BlueStacks at any time.

Install MX Player on PC

For those people who are all looking for this great app to download on your computer can follow the above procedure. Once you installed the BlueStacks, users can download the MX Player video app to watch any videos downloaded on your PC. It has the great features to control the video at any time by the users. It consumes only less memory to download on your PC.

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On the other side, users can also download the Android emulator called droid4x. It also helps you to support the Android applications at any time on your PC.  Those who are willing to download and install the alternative Android emulator can follow this good emulator to use.

It has the great feature for the game lovers. There you can also play the game by controlling using the accelerometer during the car race where the other emulator doesn’t suit this feature. But the BlueStacks plays the lead role when comes to Android Emulator for the PC for running apps like tubemate for pc ,pokemon go for pc etc . Also, we must admit that the droid4x has the less stability and the speed when compared to the BlueStacks.

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