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facetime for pc ,laptop -windows and mac

Facetime is a very popular Apple product which allows you to go on video chatting with family members and friends. Facetime is very famous among iOS and MAC users. Most iPhone users use this app for video calling. now you can make use of this popular video app on your laptops and computers with facetime for pc

facetime for pc
Most people (like you and me) want to try apps on the large screen. That's why I am going to share with you how to get facetime downloaded for PC right below.

I want to make it clear before moving on to next step that it's not a facetime company given method to obtain Facetime for Mac or Windows computers. It is an exclusive product for Apple users and so its not going to be found in Android OS in market. But there are several alternatives of Facetime app for Android available on the Play Store.

Apple launched this video calling app solely for new Apple gadgets at present. So, don't expect an Windows version anytime soon for now.

What's Facetime ??

Facetime for PC is one of the most user-friendly and spontaneous video calling app recently. It is made for apple ios users mainly. It was introduced back in 2010 where it got users of iphone attention since then it is seen in every iPhone version from the start. Millions of people want to do something new with their family members and friends.

It is built to develop social presence. It started by Apple 2010. Everybody knows Apple brand in all over the world for tech. Apple made Facetime solely to enjoy video calling

Facetime app comes built-in for Apple users. we have lots of people who like to try Facetime on PC like alternative to Google video Hangouts or Skype.
facetime for pc

A Brief Introduction about Facetime for PC

Facetime is one of the excellent free video chating application by Apple incorporation . It is built-in in all Apple products such as Mac,iphone or apple iPad. you should know that It works similar like other video application like iChat Skype and Google Hangout etc.

It is made officially by Apple to provide real time conversation. You should have an active Wi-Fi internet connection to use video calling on this app. You need to dial your friends number for calling ,if you are intend to call someone on Mac pc or ipad then you need to input his/her appropriate email address in this case. You can use one email address to register numerous devices. Also, you can this app while talking by pressing instant Facetime button on screen.

Bigger is better and it goes for using apps as well.But I have figured out solution to solve this problem. Without any further ado let me show you a simple method to download this Facetime app on your microsoft Window's PC.

Facetime app features

Are you anxious to know some cool features of Facetime app ? Oh! It’s pretty normal. Let me show you the most outstanding features of this app.
  • Facetime has better sound quality than a regular smartphone connection.

  • You can use mute while calling, it mute your voice so that the caller can’t hear you but he can see through your camera.

  • Its user friendly application (simple yet stunning UI)

  • when dont want to talk; just block every Facetime call you receive

  • It’s free and that’s a wonderful thing

  • It is compatible with video calling in hd mode .

  • It lets you have your family and friends near you without any problem.

  • Facetime app is one of the wonderful to converse with friends and families. You require only an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection on to use this app your device for free.

Download Facetime for Windows (7/8/10)

wanna try Facetime? getting stuck in a problem because you have no iOS device. Would you like to video call by using this app from your windows? Will it work perfectly on Windows? Lots of questions are piling up, indeed. Let me tell how you can download Facetime for Windows (10/8/7/XP) OS. Follow my instructions to attain Facetime for video calling from your desktop or laptop for free.

The requirements to download Facetime for PC:
  • OS: Windows (7/8/10)

  • Webcam

  • Microphone or Headset

  • CPU: latest or single core of 1ghz

  • RAM: Minimum 2GB

  • Active Internet connection
[Remember: You use Facetime on your laptop or Window's PC with above requirements]

Facetime is free and it’s the best thing about it.  You are going follow below steps to run Facetime in Windows 8/10.You are free to video chat with your family or friends without paying a dime.

Necessary Steps for downloading and installing Facetime for your Computer or laptop :

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 a few times ago. If using Windows 10 like me then it is very easy to manage Facetime. I will tell easiest method to use this for video chatting with others at ease. Now, you will find out how to download and install Facetime.

here I will tell you an easy method to download Facetime for computer. You will be able to use it in no time after reading below steps. So, keep scrolling.

Step 1: At first, go to and download it on your PC

Step 2: You’ve done with downloading. Next, locate the file and install BLUESTACKS emulator in your laptop or pc .

Step 3: Click on the link below for downloading the facetime apk

link : facetime apk

Step 4: Open Bluestacks emulator and sign in with an existing a/c or sign up

Step 5: Click the APK file and it will open emulator automatically.  Now, just follow the on-screen instruction to use this facetime application on computer

How to download Facetime for MAC computers ?

Facetime developed by Apple and so it will be compatible with Apple products our naturally.  That’s why no need for downloading as it comes inbuilt with MAC system. You need an active internet connection (3G, Wi-Fi) for video calling with families and peer mates though Facetime.

List of compatible devices:
  • iPhone 5 or advanced models

  • iPod touch latest version

  • iPad 3 and advanced models

  • iPad mini all new models

Final Verdict: Alternatives of Facetime

Facetime is very popular among Apple users. I did provide you an easy method for using Facetime for Windows. But there are some alternatives like Skype, Google Hangouts, Tango for pc, Viber etc. for video calling in Windows.

You can download above apps from Google Play Store. All of these apps are excellent but you need to determine the best app to meet your conditions.

Some Important Links about facetime you might want to see
I have told you everything you need to know to download and install Facetime for PC without any issue. I am sure that you will be able to it after reading this article.

Let me know if you are facing any problem during download or installation of Facetime app on your computer. I will be glad to help you. Did you like this article? Would you share it with your friends as well? I hope so. Aren’t you going to try Facetime app to video call for free?

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