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skype for pc windows

Skype is the largest and most widely used VOIP service used all around the world. It offers you many features like group video calling, voice calling and also rich texting facility and all of these services are for free. But it also has a calling facility using which you can call landlines and mobiles too at very nominal rates. Skype is available for all the major operating systems like windows, mac os, iOS, and android.

But it also has a calling facility using which you can call landlines and mobiles too at very nominal rates. Skype is available for all the major operating systems like windows, mac os, iOS, and android.
skype of pc windows

How to download and install skype for pc

⦁    Downloading and installing skype is also very easy you just have to go to and click the download button there.

⦁    After the file is downloaded install it by clicking on the file and go through the setup, select the language and go through the setup, as the setup completes click on finish and start skype for the first time from the desktop shortcut.

⦁     As soon as you start skype you will be asked create a skype account or to sing in. you can directly sign in if you have any Microsoft account and if you don't have any account you can click on signup.

⦁    There are also options of signing in using facebook.

⦁    If you click on signup you will be redirected to and you will need to make an account there. several things are asked for the account creation like your name, email, language, country and also your skype name and password which will be required for you to signing.

⦁     After creating the account you just have to sign in to the skype and check your microphone, speakers and camera.

⦁    After this, you will be asked to set a picture to your profile its all up to you to do that, there's no boundation of doing it.

⦁    After that click on Start Skype, and you will be taken to the app homepage.

⦁     On this window, you can search for your existing skype contacts to connect with or you can also add new users to your contact list using their skype name or email address.

⦁  You can add all your contact from the outlook account if you have one.

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Skype has made many changes to its interface in the last years. The most recent one is a good combination of simple and clean. It has your profile pic and at the top left there is search box.  Just below the profile picture there are some buttons like call phones, home, send messages or video call and one for adding Bots. As you come down you will see the contact list and most used or favourite on the top. If you want you can also choose it to show currently active people too.

You can also set the status of your avalability. There are some choices in it. Skype offers nice compatibility with Win 10. You can even reply to all of your messages from the notification only.

Skype for windows pc features

skype of pc windows

Skype most used feature is video calling. This is what people commonly mean when they talk about skyping. Skype's video calling is the one of the best which only stands second to apple facetime. As everyone knows the video and audio quality always depends on both parties internet connectivity, so you might experience some issues when using low-speed internet connections.

Skype lets you conduct video sessions for free upto ten members.  Google hangouts also have this service but som other more traditional VOIP services requires a paid account for this. Facebook messenger also allows people to do voice and video calls but only one to one.

You also have the feature to set video calling to dynamic mode, which allows the person speaking having the largest window, but if you even don't set it to the dynamic mode it will highlight the person speaking. You can also add partici[ant from the telephone too but it will be voice only.

Skype also has a feature to send voice and video messages. In an ongoing call, you also have an option to send files, add callers, share contacts and can also share your screen. Skype can also be operated on multi monitors. And you can also select the screen that you want to share if you have multi-monitor setup. After the call ends you can also rate the voice and video quality of the call and even give them feedback so that the company can address the issue.

Skype application review

skype of pc windows

Skype chat is much better as compared to the earlier versions. Many people don't know that skype can also be used as a messaging app, it lets you share photos, media, videos and also group conversations are available. Now skype has also added emojis like other messaging apps. In skype you can add up to 300 people in a group chat.

AS everyone knows the calling on mobile phones and landline is a paid service in skype. You can pay for this in two ways. You can either use skype credit and pay as you go or you can also get a subscription. Both of these ways to pay are very cheap and if you choose to pay as you go it costs 2.3 cents for a minute in the US and there is a $3 per month subscription too. If you have either a credit balance or a subscription you can use call forwarding—when you have incomming call to skype then you have to choice to answer it on your mobile or PC.

Like video quality voice call quality also largely depends on the user's internet connection. Skype video and voice quality has also been improved greatly in the past years, and unexpectedly if the video quality is not that good, you'll conveniently get a balanced sound stream. It's more or less same as viber.

If you want to you skype as a total replacement of your mobile service there's a downside. You don't get local emergency calling in most the countries and a text costs 11.2 cents and the recipient can't even reply if your number is not associated with skype.

Its been a long time since you've a feature to integrate skype into the web browser very easily. With the click to call plugin that makes any number dialable. Skype for the web is very easy to use you just have to sing in and you can do mostly everything that you could do on the installed application including video conferencing, calling phone and even you can share your screen. You also have a feature to send a link to a person who does not have a skype account so they can join the call.

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Skype is always evolving with frequent updates. It's already highly polished and has functional services that run on every platform service. With its good video and voice call quality, skype is the best app for voice and video calling.

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